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Mexican police request arrest warrant for Canelo Alvarez in connection with attack on Ulises Solis

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Mexican authorities have requested an arrest warrant for Canelo Alvarez just days before he is to meet Austin Trout on Showtime Championship Boxing. The warrant request is in connection with an alleged assault of former 108 pound titlist Ulises 'Archi' Solis.

Al Bello

A 2011 incident between Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez and Ulises 'Archi' Solis has Mexican authorities seeking an arrest warrant for Alvarez just days ahead of his highly anticipated showdown with Austin Trout on Showtime Championship Boxing. It should be noted up front that this is unlikely to have any impact on the Trout fight taking place, but could serve as a significant distraction for Alvarez as he prepares for the biggest test of his career.

Here's the story as told to BoxingScene when the alleged incident happened in October of 2011:

"Yes, it's true and there will be criminal charges. It's sad because Canelo is denying everything. Finally he fought a good fighter, except it took place in the street. I think Canelo went over to Archie because of something he said about him. The version we have is the version of Archie Solis. He said that Canelo came to him and said 'I was looking for you **** and you ****.' Then he pushed him. And then he started attacking him with punches. He broke his jaw and broke a tooth. He's going to have surgery later tonight," [promoter Fernando] Beltran told

While the situation has been largely forgotten as Alvarez has continued his rise to superstardom, at the time Scott Christ raised some of the biggest concerns coming out of the situation:

There's really no way to spin this, if true, to make Alvarez look good. If Solis had thrown the first punch, it still doesn't look good. Alvarez is not a big man by the standards of folks just walking around in the world, but at his walk-around weight and with his 5'9" height, he's an absolute monster compared to Solis, who is 5'3" and, again, fights at 108 pounds.


And furthermore, does this portend future trouble for Alvarez? If he is, in fact, the type of guy who attacks junior flyweights on the street and gets himself into legal trouble, there's reason to be concerned about incidents like this continuing to happen.

Maybe it's all coming too fast and Alvarez isn't ready for the pressure. He's a coming attraction in the States still, but already a superstar in Mexico, where he lives, trains, and still fights frequently. There are already a lot of people putting him on a pedestal there. Some guys don't deal with fame well, in every walk of sports or entertainment.

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As stated earlier, I doubt that the warrant is issued and Canelo is arrested in the United States ahead of the fight this Saturday. There are too many complications for that to happen.

After the fight could see some serious problems for Alvarez.

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