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Jon Jones: 'Everyone knows Chael Sonnen has done steroids throughout his whole career'

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Less than two weeks before his UFC 159 title defense, Jones appeared on UFC Tonight to talk about his upcoming fight against Sonnen. During that interview, the LHW champ accused Sonnen of having used steroids during his whole career.

Steve Snowden

Coming up in just a week and a half, UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones will have the chance to defend his title against Chael Sonnen at UFC 159. The odd matchmaking decision came after Jones refused to fight Sonnen on 8 days' notice when his scheduled opponent for UFC 151 dropped out, resulting in the events' cancellation. Instead, Jones tapped out Vitor Belfort at UFC 152 then went on to coach opposite Sonnen in the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter.

The build up to the fight has featured a lot of trash talk coming from Sonnen in his usual over-the-top way. Jones has been more reserved, though he levied a pretty hefty accusation at Chael on Tuesday's episode of UFC Tonight:

People know that Chael Sonnen has done steroids throughout his whole career and that's probably why his testosterone is low now. I don't think that is the heart or the attitude of a champion, so that's what I meant when I said he lacks champion's soul.

Following Sonnen's first loss to Middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 117, it was revealed that he suffered from hypogonadism. To combat the low testosterone levels caused by his condition Sonnen has been approved to compete while using Testosterone Replacement Therapy in every fight he's had since. According to Sonnen, the condition was caused by him not going through puberty normally.

As far as the fight is concerned, Jones doesn't seem worried about Sonnen posing a threat to him inside the Octagon:

I'm really not concerned with too many of Chael's gifts. Chael is an awesome fighter, he has pretty good boxing, he loves wrestling and he's been really successful with his wrestling. He has really good ground-and-pound. I've just familiarized myself with the whole thing and I'm really comfortable with what I'm getting ready to face. I wouldn't say any of it really concerns me. I'm just ready to go out there, react, be instinctual, do my best and try to do what I do.

Bring your best. I hope you're having a great camp and I hope you're healthy and I'm excited for this awesome challenge.

The two will face off on April 27 at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. If Jones beats Sonnen, it will mark his 5th title defense, tying him with Tito Ortiz for most defenses of the 205 lb. belt.