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Guimaraes: Machida is number one contender, Gustafsson fight doesn't make sense

Lyoto Machida's manager believes that his client is already the number one contender, and a bout with Alexander Gustafsson isn't in the cards.

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Jorge Guimaraes says now is not the time for one of his clients to fight more contenders. Lyoto Machida seemingly earned a title shot with a win over Dan Henderson at UFC 157, and him and his camp intend to wait for it, despite the fact that Alexander Gustafsson is waiting in the wings for his own shot as well. Joinha spoke to Brazilian outlet Lence (via Fighters Only), and believes Machida will be rematching Jon Jones next:

"Lyoto is on stand-by list waiting for the winner of Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen. I think it is almost impossible for Chael to win this bout but anything may happen. A fight is a fight but it has already been scheduled, there’s no history about it."

"Lyoto is the number one contender and he is only waiting to see who is going to be the winner of this fight. He is not convinced about Jones... he is not convinced from that loss."

Gustafsson was forced out of a fight with Gegard Mousasi due to a cut, but is ready to go again ASAP. He had called for a matchup with Machida since Mousasi is now out with a knee injury, but that isn't on the agenda apparently:

"The fight between Jones and Sonnen is going to happen now, it doesn’t make sense to fight Alexander. We’re almost there. If it were a little before, this fight could have already happened, but he just fought...and Dana White has made it clear that Lyoto is the number one. We’ll be waiting."

Machida does definitely deserve the title shot right now with the win over Hendo, but relying on Dana's words when it comes to contendership is a little weak. We all know that can change overnight if he sees something better on the horizon. We'll have to wait and see how it plays out, but my guess is that Gustafsson will have to take out another contender before he gets thrown in there against Jones (or Sonnen, or Machida).