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Canadian reporter publishes transcript confirming that GSP admitted coming in over weight limit at UFC 158

In response to allegations that he misquoted UFC Welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre, Canadian reporter Marc Tougas has posted the full transcript of the interview in French and translated it into English. It's very clear that the champ admitted weighing 170.4 pounds for the fight.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Reporter Marc Tougas has had enough of having his reporting questioned. The La Presse writer has now posted the complete French transcript of his interview with UFC champ Georges St. Pierre with his English translation of the key portion. It's clear that GSP admitted to coming in at 170.4 pounds for his UFC 158 title fight with Nick Diaz -- something that normally under the MMA rules in place in Quebec would result in him missing the weight limit, paying a % of his purse to his opponent and the fight becoming a non-title affair. Here's the transcript:

MT: Pis le point 9, c'est vrai d'abord. C'est-tu vrai le 170,9?

GSP: Je me souviens pas si j'étais... Je pense que c'était point 4, ou quelque de même. Parce qu'ils arrondissent... Euh... point 4, ouin, faque c'est... Tu veux arriver comme le plus pesant pour montrer que t'es arrivé direct sur la pesée. C'est un peu un truc mental.


Me: So the point 9, it's true then. Is the 170.9 thing true?

GSP: I don't remember if I was... I think it was point 4, or something like that. Because they round it out.... Huh, point 4, yeah, so that's... You want to get there as heavy as you can to show you're right on, on the scale. It's a bit of a mental trick.

For those coming in late, I'll be updating this post with a summary of events in the UFC 158 "decimal controversy" shortly.