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UFC: The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale - Live results and play-by-play for Facebook and Fuel prelims

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Live results and thoughts for the action from The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale. This post covers the action in the prelims from Facebook and Fuel.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for UFC The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale. Our live coverage will start with the fights on Facebook (currently scheduled for 5:30 p.m. ET) followed by the fights on the Fuel prelim broadcast (7 p.m. ET) through the main card on FX (9 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

This post will cover live results and thoughts for the preliminary card on Facebook and FX.

The prelim portion of the card breaks down like this:

Fuel TV prelims

Middleweight: Josh Samman vs. Kevin Casey

Middleweight: Luke Barnatt vs. Collin Hart

Middleweight: Dylan Andrews vs. Jimmy Quinlan

Middleweight: Clint Hester vs. Bristol Marunde

Facebook prelims

Featherweight: Cole Miller vs. Bart Palaszewski

Featherweight: Sam Sicilia vs. Maximo Blanco

Featherweight: Justin Lawrence vs. Daniel Pineda

Make sure to come back tonight as the event goes down.

Justin Lawrence vs. Daniel Pineda - Round 1 -Lawrence with a high kick that is blocked right away. Pineda throws a wild right, closes distance and gets a big takedown off the missed punch. Lawrence scoots to the cage and is able to stand up. Pineda trips him back to the ground and he's in side control looking for a kimura. Lawrence is in a good amount of trouble now. Pineda has the hold deep and Lawrence starts screaming and it's over in less than two minutes. Daniel Pineda wins by submission (hammerlock), round 1.

Sam Sicilia vs. Maximo Blanco - Round 1 -Blanco shoots after a high kick and Sicilia is trying hard to defend. Sicilia finally is able to get out of Blanco's takedown attempt and is looking to lock up a kimura and Blanco grabs the cage and uses it to stay up despite warnings from the ref. Sicilia lands a hard uppercut now and a good flurry of punches. Sicilia is trying to land some heavy shots but Blanco is keeping out of range pretty well and landing some leg kicks. Now Sicilia landing a few punches but Blanco is still popping him a little bit from range. Round is still up for grabs with about a minute left. 10-9 Blanco.

Round 2 - Blanco working the leg kicks again and now Sicilia with a few hard shots and Blanco is hurt, another big punch and Blanco is down. He manages to get back up as Sicilia pushes him into the cage. Blanco holding the cage some more and getting more warnings, but no deductions. Blanco with a nice punch combo and now he's landing hard and he has Sicilia against the cage and he's hurting him. Sicilia is throwing back and missing his punches while he gets hit. Blanco with a takedown right into mount. Sicilia manages to get to this feet though. Sicilia with an uppercut that lands. Blanco lands and Sicilia tags him back with a hard right hand. Blanco with a series of hard shots now. 10-9 Blanco again.

Round 3 -Blanco chrages out, Sicilia is returning fire but Blanco lands the harder shots and hurts him. Blanco landing good again in a flurry and Sicilia lands a hard shot and now Blanco lands again and Sicilia is up against the cage. Blanco is trying to lock up a guillotine now and Sicilia defends and looks for a takedown but can't get it but does get back to his feet and push Blanco into the cage. Blanco gets a takedown but Sicilia stands up and lands a combination. Sicilia misses a takedown attempt and Blanco ends up on top and he lands a few punches. Seems like Blanco took this one.

Official scorecards: 29-28 across the board. Maximo Blanco wins by unanimous decision.

Cole Miller vs. Bart Palaszewski - Round 1 -Bart trying to get in with a right hand but lands a leg kick, Miller lands one in return that catches a little cup as well. Miller with a head kick that is blocked. Bart with a hard punch combo and lands a right hand hard. Miller with a nice body shot now as he returns fire. Bart with a hard right. Bart throws heavy again and now Miller looks a little wobbled as he backs up. Bart really throwing some heat now and he's mixing in leg kicks as well, so Miller throws a leg kick in return and now shoots for a takedown and gets it. Miller moves to the back as Bart tries to stand up. Miller tries to go with a neck crank and he gets the submission. Very impressive stuff for Miller.Cole Miller wins by submission (neck crank/rear naked choke), round 1.

Clint Hester vs. Bristol Marunde - Round 1 - Hester with some solid jabs to start it out. The crowd is booing loudly now due to lack of action. Marunde lands an uppercut and pops a jab. Hester ducks under a punch and lands a right hand. Marunde ducks under and gets the takedown. Big right hand by Hester hurts Marunde after they're on the feet and he is landing some big shots but Marunde is able to get the takedown to get out of trouble. 10-9 Hester.

Round 2 - Hester with a left hand and a straight right, but the right comes up short. Hester keeps popping the jab and that's a good weapon for him. Marunde is looking for the takedown and Hester gets him in a Thai plum and throws some good knees to the body. Marunde is looking for the takedown and Hester sprawls well and starts to punch to the body. Marunde drives through though and gets the takedown. Hester lands a hard kick and Marunde is hurt. They're back to standing and Hester is absolutely crushing him. Another big right hand by Hester and Marunde looks for the takedown again. 10-9 Hester.

Round 3 - Marunde looking for a single leg and Hester sprawls well again. Big knee by Hester to the body and Marunde is looking for the takedown again. Hester lands a big elbow and Marunde goes down and this one is over. Hester has a lot of improving to do, but he's got some good raw skills. Clint Hester wins by TKO (elbow), round 3.

Dylan Andrews vs. Jimmy Quinlan - Round 1 - Quinlan gets the takedown but Andrews is able to get up, Quinlan tags him with some hard punches and is right back in looking for the takedown. Quinlan can't get the takedown and they're restarted at space. Andrews lands a big shot and Quinlan is down, Andrews with a hard flurry as Quinlan covers up and it's over. Dylan Andrews wins by TKO (punches), round 1.

Luke Barnatt vs. Collin Hart - Round 1 - Hart lands some punches and gets inside, getting a bodylock and looking for a takedown. Barnatt defends well and they're back to standing and Barnatt lands a knee to the body. Barnatt catches a kick in the cup and we have a break in the action. Hart lands a good combination and gets inside again and he gets the back standing up and slams Barnatt to the mat and gets a hook in. Hart gets both hooks in and Barnatt stands and goes to the cage to peel him off. Hart still opening up and landing some really good shots. Now Barnatt tags him to the body. Hart still landing his wild punches. Hart really opening up with a wild flurry and he's landing a lot. Barnatt has his moments but Hart is just outworking him and landing a lot of clean shots. 10-9 Hart.

Round 2 - Hart landing hard again but Barnatt is getting in with some straight punches. Barnatt with a good two punch combination. Hart landing again. This is a "wild brawl" but it's not the good kind of "wild brawl" in my eyes. Barnatt lands a standing guillotine and is really trying to wrench it but Hart gets out. Hart is slowing down quite a bit. Barnatt throws a head kick and falls down so Hart jumps on top. 10-9 Barnatt I guess.

Round 3 - More of the same here. Barnatt lands a little bit, then Hart lands a little bit. Hart got a takedown at the very end of the round.I guess 10-9 Hart but this fight lost me.

Official scorecards: 29-28, 29-28, 30-27. Luke Barnatt wins by unanimous decision.

Josh Samman vs. Kevin Casey - Round 1 - Samman with a takedown and Casey locks up a triangle right away and it's very deep. Casey switches to an armbar and Samman slams him on his head and gets out of it. Casey reverses to end up on top now. Casey is grinding into him against the cage. Casey with some ground and pound now. Samman gets to his feet and lands some hard knees to the body and now a jumping knee to the head. Samman really wearing him out to the body. 10-9 Casey.

Round 2 - Samman throws a head kick, and gets the Thai clinch again. More of the same kneeing to the body and head. Big knee to the head and back to the body and Casey is hurting badly as he goes to a knee. Samman is just wearing him out now and Casey is bleeding badly. Another knee and Casey goes down and this one is over. Josh Samman wins by TKO (knees), round 2.