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Corrected: GSP admits he could have weighed 170.4 pounds at UFC 158

UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre told the French language Canadian newspaper La Presse that he believes he weighed in at 170.4 pounds before his UFC 158 title fight with Nick Diaz. Normally the limit is 170 pounds even.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Note: La Presse misquoted GSP. He actually said "he could have" weighed 170.4 pounds.

Woah. Talk about throwing fuel on the fire. UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre has told the Canadian French-language media that he believes he weighed in for UFC 158 at 170.4 pounds -- 0.4 pounds over the normal championship limit of 170 pounds on the nose.

Here's a rough translation of what GSP told the Associated Press per La Presse:

"They came to us just before the weigh-ins and even I was surprised. They told us they were going to be rounding (down to the nearest pound). I was as surprised as Nick Diaz," St. Pierre said Thursday in an interview with The Associated Press.

GSP said he was not sure of his exact weight, but he believes that it amounted to 170.4 pounds. The Quebec Board then rounded his weight down to 170 pounds, the limit for the March 16 bout.

Nick Diaz and his camp have called for an investigation of this very unusual decision by the Quebec authorities to dispense with the normal exact weight limits for championship fights. St. Pierre's statements will doubtless re-ignite the on-going controversy.

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