#RallyForMarkHunt Shirts & Sign

Hello friends,

On Twitter the other day I said this:


Well, it happened and I am keeping true to my word. I have a Paypal and I will make these shirts for anyone who sends me money.

The fight is on May 25th so I will make a payment deadline of April 30th.

We need to decide what style of shirts we want. I will have a poll so vote and we will go from there.

I will charge a few extra bucks to pay for the shipping since I will be sending these out to each person myself.

The more people who want a shirt, the cheaper the shirts will be so keep that in mind as well.

If the interest is strong enough I will make another post in the future with all the specific information needed to complete the transaction.


If anyone is going to the event itself and feels inclined, I will make a #RallyForMarkHunt sign.

Let me know what you think. If this turns out to be a bad idea, so be it but I think if we all wear these on fight day we can help power the Super Samoan to victory.


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