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Enson Inoue's Purebred cuts ties with Team Lloyd Irvin

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Yet another gym has cut ties with Team Lloyd Irvin as Purebred, owned by UFC and PRIDE veteran Enson Inoue, announced the end of their affiliation.

Logo via Purebred Guam Facebook page

Yet another of the gyms affiliated with Team Lloyd Irvin has ended their affiliation. Purebred Jiu Jitsu, a group of gyms run by UFC and PRIDE veteran Enson Inoue, has become the latest to separate themselves from TLI.

The following was posted on the Facebook page of the Guam location:

Martial Skill Inc. dba Purebred Jiu Jitsu Guam is no longer affiliated with Lloyd Irvin or Team Lloyd Irvin Mixed Martial Arts. It is our decision to end affiliation and commit ourselves to strengthening and expanding Purebred Jiu Jitsu and the "Purebred" label. While dissapointed with this outcome, we move forward with mutual respect.


Enson Inoue

Stephen Roberto

Purebred Jiu Jitsu

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There has been a very large amount of distancing from TLI over the past few months, both from big affiliate gyms like BETA Academy -- and now Purebred -- and with students of Irvin.

We'll continue following the story and provide any updates as they become available.