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Yushin Okami wants fight with Michael Bisping, Bisping says to 'get in line'

Yushin Okami would like to fight Michael Bisping next, but there is no shortage of people saying that exact same thing at the moment.


Yushin Okami has racked up three wins in a row since his UFC 144 loss to Tim Boetsch, the last coming on the weekend over former Bellator middleweight champion Hector Lombard. After the bout, Fuel TV's Gareth Davies asked Okami who he'd like to fight next. And his answer was the same as a lot of UFC middleweights:

"Michael Bisping."

Bisping just happened to be a guest analyst for the show, and quickly responded:

"Join the back of the line is all I'm going to say. Everyone seems to call me out at the moment and I'm happy with that. It means I'm going to have a job for a long, long time."

He does have a point. Before the event it was Hector Lombard calling him out. And everyone from Boetsch to UFC 159 opponent Alan Belcher has been doing it as well. Belcher actually got the fight though, and the two men will duke it out in April. Could Okami face Bisping if he wins? Who knows. There are a lot of potential fights for both men in the talent-rich division.