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UFC on Fuel 8: Takanori Gomi broke his hand early in fight with Diego Sanchez

It turns out that Takanori Gomi broke his right hand in the first round of his UFC on Fuel 8 bout with Diego Sanchez.

Koki Nagahama

The UFC on Fuel 8 bout between Diego Sanchez and Takanori Gomi generated a lot of controversy when the scorecards were announced and Sanchez was awarded a split decision victory. I considered it the best overall fight of Gomi's UFC career to date, and it's too bad that he ended up taking the loss. But it turns out that Gomi turned in the admirable performance even while fighting with a handicap - he broke his right hand in the first round of his bout. He posted an x-ray of the injury in his blog:


He said that he broke it in the first part of the fight and looking back at the tape, it seems pretty obvious that it came in the first minute of round one. He landed a punch to the top of Diego's head and immediately shook out the hand and changed up his gameplan, throwing kicks and punches with the left instead. He still threw the right afterwards too and outlanded Diego in all three rounds, which is pretty nuts. Either way, Gomi's a tough dude.