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Bloody Elbow News Roundup: Bisping disses Belfort, Barry talks pre-fight sex

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Bloody Elbow News Roundup has been resurrected for one night to bring you the best in MMA news, quotes, and videos that slipped through the cracks over the last few days.


It's a long weekend, and there's not a lot of big news kicking about in the world of MMA. No cards of note are taking place and the UFC looks to be taking the weekend off from booking big fights. But there are a lot of interesting and amusing tidbits out there, so I felt like rebooting the ol' Bloody Elbow News Roundup (aka Bloody Wraps aka Evening Combat Sports News) for one night only. After all, no one wants to miss Michael Bisping running his mouth, or Ronda Rousey wrecking guys 50 pounds bigger than her on the mat, or Pat Barry talking about knockin' boots?

Before we get to the news though, there is something of note going down in combat sports tonight and it will take place in a boxing ring. Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado will fight for a second time and try to live up to their 2012 war. That main card begins around 10:15 p.m. ET/7:15 p.m. PT with the main event going on approximately an hour later, and you can check out live coverage of it here on BE or over at the best boxing site on the interwebs, Bad Left Hook. To get you warmed up, check out Fraser Coffeen's preview of the fight and some video highlights of their awesome 2012 fight.

Okay, back to MMA. There's a lot to get through, so I'll try to keep my descriptions short and sweet.

Everyone loves a good Michael Bisping quote, right? Well the latest gem comes from a pretty good interview with After discussing UFC 159 opponent and "mediocre Thai boxer" Alan Belcher, he is asked who he wants to face next. In the response he manages to bring up that he'll never live down the Dan Henderson knockout due to the wonders of the internet, and takes a humorous shot at Vitor Belfort at the end:

"I’d like to rematch everyone I ever lost to. I’d like to fight Wanderlei again after that bullsh*t victory he had against me. I’d like to fight Chael again. Even he said I won that fight. I’d fight Rashad. I’d fight Henderson again too. He beat me fair and square, but I still want to fight him again. Obviously I can’t do anything without that fight coming up, seeing pictures of it on message boards. And, of course, I’d like another fight with the Bible-bashing Vitor Belfort, Vitor the boring bastard Belfort."

Say that three times fast. Speaking of the bombastic Brit, he's been working with former Strikeforce champ Jake Shields to improve his wrestling and jiu-jitsu lately, which he talks about in his video blog.

Bisping was a product of The Ultimate Fighter, and current TUF 17 contestant Uriah Hall would probably like to use the show as a springboard to success as well. But he isn't afraid to admit it when he comes across a fearsome adversary that gets the best of him. Even if it's someone 50 pounds smaller than him. And a woman. That might sound surprising until you find out that said woman is UFC women's bantamweight champion and Judo Olympian Ronda Rousey though. Here's what Hall told the NY Post about rolling with the champ when she showed up at the TUF gym:

"I said to myself, ‘I can get out of this,’" Hall told The Post. "Then she caught me and I was like, ‘Oh my God, this [expletive] is real.’"

Hall, a Queens resident, said Rousey got him in two armbars while grappling – and he couldn’t get out. He compared it to rolling with an anaconda or a cat.

"You can’t grab her and if you do grab her, you’re [expletive]," Hall said with a laugh.


"Thank God they didn’t show that (on The Ultimate Fighter), because she totally kicked my ass," Hall said, laughing.

For more Ronda goodness, check out this video of her discussing PEDs in sports on Jim Rome on Showtime (she joins at the 16 minute mark). Speaking of Rousey, one of her more famous quotes came from a Rome interview as well, where she shared her thoughts on pre-fight sex back in November. Fast-foward to this week, where another talkative UFC fighter discussed the issue. And he agrees with her, even though his logic is...well, a little different than hers. Ladies and gentlemen, here's what the legendary Pat Barry has to say about gettin' busy (via MMA Junkie):

"You can be frisky the day of the fight. It all depends on, how are you going to handle it?"


"All these boxer/fighter dudes who say, 'I don't have sex for six weeks because I've got to keep the energy,' – they still whack off twice a day," he added. "That's crazy. You're not going to have sex, but you're going to masturbate. What's the difference? Maybe that worked back in the day, but that's not for everyone."

I probably should have closed with that, because it's pretty difficult to follow up. There's probably only one quote this week that's better than that, but we'll get to that in a minute. In the meantime, here's some rapid-fire news and notes:

Before we close out with some videos, here's the quote I was talking about earlier. This one isn't funny or goofy like Barry's, but it's still pretty awesome. Bellator has done a great job of finding prospects from all around the world, and one of them is Dagestani featherweight Shahbulat Shamhalaev (12-1-1). He's set to meet Bellator featherweight champion Pat Curran next weekend, and Curran has gone on record saying that Shalhalaev "will have to kill me" to take his title. Shalhalaev responded in badass fashion to, via Fighters Only:

"If he knew how often people are killed in Dagestan, then he would not say such a thing."

Never mess with Dagestanis. Okay, onto the vids.

Bellator 92 highlights:

Just for fun, let's throw in a highlight video from Pancrase 246 as well (HT Zane Simon):

Bec Hyatt talks about her Invicta FC 5 bout this weekend in a video blog:

And finally, a promo for the M-1 heavyweight grand prix. Jeff Monson is in the promo but according to MMA Mania, he tore his pec and had to back out.