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UFC On Fuel 8 results: Wanderlei Silva KO's Brian Stann in a wild brawl

The Axe Murderer returned to Japan with a second round KO of Stann

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Brian Stann and Wanderlei Silva met in the Octagon for the main event of UFC On Fuel 8. Silva had been having trouble making the cut to Middleweight and decided to make this a Light Heavyweight bout instead.

Both fighters came out swinging to start the fight. Stann slipped in the exchange and Silva landed a knee as he got back to his feet. Back to winging hooks and Silva went down but recovered. They separated for a second before throwing wild blows again and Wandy's back down followed by another quick recovery. Stand landed a low blow in another furious exchange and the action is stopped by the ref.

They started off a little slower on the restart. but in the last minute they went back to throwing like crazy! First Stann dropped and jumped up, then Wanderlei dropped and got back up! Stann got the takedown but he's dripping blood all over Silva when the bell rings.

Both fighters came out much more measured in the second round. Stann was landed the better blows from distance. Stan hit Wandy for the second time with a low blow and the ref stops the action again. Silva looked unaggected by the low kicks and pushed Stann back with power shots. They both swing and Wanderlei dropped Stann with a massive right hook! He followed up with a couple ground shots before the fight was officially stopped.

Wanderlei Silva knocked out Brian Stann at (4:08) of round 2.