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UFC On Fuel 8 results: Mark Hunt scores a big KO over Stefan Struve

Former K1 GP champion Mark Hunt solidifies himself as a top 10 HW in 2013 with a big KO of Stefan Struve.

Mark Kolbe

The Heavyweights stepped up for the UFC On Fuel 8 co-main event. Struve tried to establish distance early with kicks, but Hunt showed no hesitance in stepping inside. They clinched and Struve pulled guard. Hunt tried to survive in guard and Struve swept into mount. Hunt got half-guard, then Struve passed and started throwing strikes from mount. Struve went for a key lock and Hunt reversed into guard. Hunt passed and ended the round in side control.

Hunt opened round 2 landing on Struve. Stefan stayed calm but put out little offense of his own. They come in for the clinch and Hunt hit the hip toss! Struve went for a leg lock, but Hunt defended and got back into Struve's guard. They got back up in the clinch and a failed trip ends with Struve in mount. He threw ground and pound then went for an armbar that failed before the bell rang.

The third round showed to exhausted Heavyweights. Struve made the same mistake he made in the second and did nothiong to forced the takedown against the smaller man. Hunt started landing bombs on the almost 7' tower. Finally he landed a huge left hook that dropped Struve. In a moment of pure awesomeness, Hunt simply walked away after landing the fight ending blow.

Mark Hunt knocked out Stefan Struve at (1:44) of Round 3