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UFC On Fuel 8 results: Diego Sanchez gets split decision over Takanori Gomi

Sanchez made his return to Lightweight with a high paced and exciting fight against The Fireball Kid.

Jon Kopaloff

Diego Sanchez made his return to Lightweight at UFC On Fuel 8 against Takanori Gomi

From the opening bell Gomi was looking to land the big counter on Sanchez. He looked good slipping Diego's jab, but didn't land clean. Sanchez picked up a quick takedown, but couldn't keep control before Gomi got to his feet. Same as before, Gomi landed the counters on the feet. He went for a big knee as Sanchez dove in for the double-leg, but diego was still able to complete the takedown. The Fireball Kid got right back up and took the round.

They went back and forth on the feet to start the second round before Diego landed his second low-blow of the fight. The ref stops the action and tells Sanchez he'll lose a point if he lands another illegal blow. The round continued with both men landing solid shots and defending takedowns.

Third round was mostly contested at range. Diego tried to use his kicks and jab to keep Gomi back. Takanori landed some solid jabs of his own but came up short while winging hooks from his hips. The round ends with both men swinging wildly.

After the final bell rang, the judges awarded Diego Sanchez with the split deicision (29-28 x2, 28-29)