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WSOF 2: Anthony Johnson vs. Andrei Arlovski live video, results, and discussion

Tune in to Bloody Elbow for live results and play by play for tonight's World Series of Fighting event. Let us know what you think about all the face-punching action in the comment section.

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Tonight the World Series of Fighting launches the second event in the promotion's short history. The main event features an interesting Heavyweight bout between former UFC fighters Anthony Johnson and Andrei Arlovski. Even though Johnson won his last fight with a knockout on the feet, he'll most likely be looking to force a ground fight as he has in the past against far less notable strikers. Arlovski's plan should prove to be the exact opposite. He'll be looking ward off Johnson's takedowns and impose his superior striking game while trying to avoid damage to his suspect chin.

The main card will kick off at 9:30 pm ET (6:30 pm PT) on NBC Sports Network. But first watch the prelims here at Bloody Elbow starting at 6:30 ET.

Andrei Arlovski vs. Anthony "Rumble" Johnson

R1: They trade hard shots and Rumble gets in well, now Arlovski lands some good shots of his own. This is shaping up fairly well early on. Rumble throwing very, very hard punches. Arlovski clinches him and lanss an uppercut, Johnson separates and lands a hard body kick. Rumble looks for a takedown but can't get it. Now Andrei lands some good shots and Rumble looks for a takedown but Arlovski defends and turns him against the cage. Fight seems to be turning Arlovski's way, but Rumble cracks him with two big shots and Arlovski is down. Rumble pounces but the round comes to an end. 10-9 Johnson

R2: Rumble is still winging power shots and he's catching him. Rumble pushes him into the cage now. Arlovski looks like he has recovered from the end of the first round. Arlovski landing a bit now as Rumble's movement slows a bit. Uppercut by Arlovski lands hard, Johnson lands a left hand and now he looks for a takedown. Arlovski lands a knee to the groin in the clinch and they briefly break. Johnson comes out and throws some very hard punches and gets a few in before finally getting the takedown. Arlovski gets up and Johnson spends the round looking for takedowns and Arlovski punches him a bunch until the round ends. 10-9 Johnson.

R3: Johnson was yelled at by his corner to not go for takedowns, so he came out and went for a takedown. Arlovski throwing some jabs. They trade hard right hands. Arlovski pushing him into the cage now. Big elbow by Arlovski lands and now Rumble throws a hard combo, none of which lands and he shoots again but no takedown. Arlovski lands a few good punches ad then misses a back kick. Rumble holding on to the leg. 10-9 Arlovski, but 29-28 Johnson overall.

Official scorecards: 29-28 across the board. Anthony Johnson wins by unanimous decision.

Marlon Moraes vs. Tyson Nam

R1: Moraes is being fairly slick early, ducking under shots to try to counter, but Nam is mixing it up a bit too. Neither man has landed much of anything. Good leg kick by Moraes. Nam with his own leg kick. And again he lands a good leg kick. Head kick by Moraes grazes the top of Nam's head and Nam goes down! Moraes follows up with punches and this one is over. Marlon Moraes wins by TKO (head kick and punches), round 1.

Josh Burkman vs. Aaron Simpson

R1: Simpson ducks under a Burkman punch and pushes him into the cage. Burkman turns him and eventually they separate with neither man doing much. Simpson lands a kick, Burkman misses a wheel kick...of sorts. Little right hand gets in for Burkman. Big punch by Burkman lands and Simpson's legs go for a moment. Burkman with a knee and a flurry of punches and Simpson is down and the fight is over. Wow! Josh Burkman wins by TKO (knee and punches), round 1.

David Branch vs. Paulo Filho

R1: Filho lands a leg kick and he's moving forward aggressively. Right hand lands for Branch and now he gets a quick takedown. Branch working from on top, in Filho's half guard. Branch just woks him over for the full round. Working body shots and closing out the round with some hard punches to the face. 10-9 Branch easy.

R2:Filho falls down on a kick but is able to get up and Branch punches him a few times. Now Branch lands a flurry of shots and hurts him, before getting a takedown. Branch gets a big takedown and traps an arm and counts out loud as he lands 20 punches. Then he changes position and grinds out the round. This is kinda sad. 10-9 Branch.

R3:Branch puts him down again and is working with strikes. Ref is threatening to stand it up. He does eventually stand it up. Branch just pours it on with punches and kicks..etc. Another takedown and the fight comes to an end. Clear landslide for Branch.

Official scorecards: 30-26, 30-27, 30-27. David Branch wins by unanimous decision.

Gesias "JZ" Cavalcante vs. Justin Gaethje

R1: Justin throwing leg kicks early and now he misses an uppercut. JZ is unable to catch him with counters or a takedown and Justin lands a hard knee and now a big punch. Justin pushing him into the cage and landing more knees. Justin just cracking him with big punches and elbows now. Gaethje has him busted open now and the ref stops it to check the cut. The cut is massive and they're calling a stop to it. Justin Gaethje wins by TKO (doctor stoppage), round 1.

Preliminary card (6:30 p.m. ET):

Kris McCray vs. Danillo Villefort

Igor Gracie vs. Richard Patishnock

Cameron Dollar vs. Waylon Lowe

Ozzy Dugulubgov vs. Chris Wade

Rick Glenn vs. Alexandre Pimentel