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UFC welterweight Rick Story wants rematch with Jake Ellenberger

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UFC welterweight Rick Story already holds a win over current contender Jake Ellenberger, but following his TKO over Quinn Mulhern on Saturday, Story wants to fight Jake again, and expressed his opinions on Ellenberger's success.

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It wasn't too long ago that Rick Story was the talk of the MMA world, as he rapidly climbed up the welterweight ladder and was on the verge of title contention. Having lost 3 out of his last 4, Story's contender days appeared to be slipping away. While his impressive TKO win over Quinn Mulhern at UFC 158 wasn't the immediate "vault into the top 10" type of moment, it got his career back on the right track towards another run at a title shot. On his own Facebook page, Story stated his desire to fight Jake Ellenberger again, having already beaten him by decision in 2008 on a regional show, and also made his feelings known about Ellenberger's success:

I want to fight Jake Ellenberger! It pisses me off that he's getting all of the accolades when I already beat him. It’s annoying that people keep making the excuse for Jake "well that was earlier in your guy's career".
OK, even back then he had 3 times the amount of fights that I had.

Also, let’s look at more recent times, he got Ko'd by Martin Kampmann in the 2nd round where as I went the distance with Kampmann with 1 leg.

The bottom line is I want to be in the position he is in right now and if I have to beat his ass again to get there...... Then Let’s do it!

Ellenberger knocked out Nate Marquardt hours after Story finished Mulhern.

For the time being, Ellenberger is in the top tier of the welterweight division, and fighting Story right now could be a "step down" if you want to look at how it would affect Jake's title shot aspirations. However, when Story built up his 6 fight win streak he defeated current #1 contender Johny Hendricks (and remains the only man to defeat him), as well as former #1 contender Thiago Alves. Story has shown he can be competitive if not outright defeat some of the best at 170, so it's not totally out of order to think that this fight could happen down the road if Story gets 1-2 more solid wins. It'd certainly be one for the fans to enjoy.

What do you think? Would you like to see a Story/Ellenberger rematch right now? What about in the long term if they're both in the top 10? As always, make your opinion heard (or ... read I guess) in the comments.