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Georges St. Pierre's coach says he fought injured and sick against Nick Diaz at UFC 158

Just a few days after UFC 158, Firas Zahabi revealed that GSP scored his decision victory over Diaz while both nursing an injury and fighting a fever.


On Saturday night, UFC Welterweight Champion defended his title for the 8th consecutive time at UFC 158. In their 25 minute fight, he beat challenger Nick Diaz in every round scoring 50-45 on all the judges' cards. On Tuesday it came out that he apparently did all that while both ill and hurt.

GSP's trainer Firas Zahabi told TVA Sports:

"Fortunately, there were no tears. That said, it was very tense and very painful, but not enough to cancel the fight. We wanted to keep it a secret since Diaz is an expert submissions ankles.

"Our concern was that the tendon tears during combat. For the moment, we do not know if he aggravated his injury, but it certainly will undergo treatment in the coming weeks for the tendon can heal properly. "

In addition to being hurt, St-Pierre was feverish during the fight against Diaz.

"It is physically and mentally exhausted. I think he will need at least six months of rest before returning to the Octagon. "

After he's taken the next 6 months off to heal, St. Pierre is expected to face Johny Hendricks, who also fought last weekend. Hendricks also won a unanimous decision victory that night in a great fight against former interim champ Carlos Condit. The win marked Hendricks' fourth consecutive top 10 win.