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UFC On Fuel 8 results: Rani Yahya outgrapples Mizuto Hirota to win the unanimous decision

The 145ers turned up the action at UFC On Fuel 8. After being outgrappled for two rounds, Hirota did his best to turn it around and put it all on the line in the third. It wasn't enough to win the decision though.

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Former Strikeforce Featherweight Mizuto Hirota made his Octagon debut at UFC On Fuel 8 against Rani Yahya.

Rani attacked early and aggressively for the takedown. Hirota made him work for it, but it wasn't long before Hirota was on top in half-guard. From there, Hirota looked overwhelmed. Yahya was able to advance position and land solid ground strikes while his opponent was always a step behind.

Less than a minute into round two, Hirota gave up another takedown when Yahya took advantage of him overcommitting to his strikes. Yahya passed into dominant position and grabbed an arm triangle. It looked like he'd get the finish, but Hirota was able to survive and regain guard.

In the last round, Hirota finally managed to defend a few of Rani's takedowns. He threatened with an armbar only to be reversed by Yahya. Back on the feet and Hirota goes for a flying knee! Dodged by Yahya. He's spent but lasts to see the final bell and get his hand raised.

Rani Yahya defeats Mizuto Hirota by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)