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Fedor Emelianenko: 'Only if God tells me to come back' will he come out of retirement

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Russian MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko teaches an MMA masterclass in Moscow and tells assembled reporters that only God's will could cause him to come back to MMA.

MMA legend and long-time Heavyweight champ of Pride Fighting Championship taught an MMA master class in Moscow recently and RT Sport News was there with a camera and a translator. Some of Fedor's comments:

To students: "Look this is something like what I did against Randleman (demonstrates kimura).

To students: "This is how is worked against Sylvia and Fujita. You have to slide your hand in and lock it (demonstrates rear naked choke).

On teaching the class: "I enjoyed this master class very much. I could see that many of them were skilled enough. Some of them even compete themselves. Because of that it's been very entertaining for me.

On the potential for Russian MMA: "Russia has a lot of intelligent fighters who are very strong mentally. That's how they're special.

On coming out of retirement: "I don't think so. Only if God tells me to come back. No other way."