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UFC 158 Tweets of the Day: Ben Askren '100% Sure' he could beat Georges St. Pierre

Wrestling standout and Bellator Champion, Ben Askren is not impressed with Georges. St. Pierre's performance at UFC 158.

Photo via @BenAskren

Current Bellator welterweight kingpin, Ben Askren watched as Georges St. Pierre put on yet another dominant decision win at UFC 158, and he wasn't impressed. The highly decorated Wrestling champion took to twitter about it, saying he's pretty sure he could beat GSP if they get matched up against each other:

"Have we seen GSPs dark side yet? Or is he saving it for rounds 4 & 5?? I saw more viscous things happen at the youth wrestling tourney!"

"After tonight I am 100% sure I could beat GSP... GSP is no longer an aggressive striker. He will not out wrestle or grapple me. He gets tired. Simple enough."

Interesting factoid, with the win over Nick Diaz, GSP has now logged the longest time in the UFC without a finish, having fought 150 minutes from July 2009. Askren on the other hand, had a similar streak which ended on his last fight, when the doctor stopped his Bellator 86 bout against Karl Amoussou. 'Funky' had logged 135 minutes prior to the stoppage.

Whether you agree with Askren's statement or not though, I have to say, apart from a bout against Johny Hendricks or Anderson Silva, a potential match up between these two high level MMA wrestlers is intriguing due to the stylistic match up. We aren't likely to see it with both guys still locked up with their promotions, but how do you think Askren vs. St. Pierre plays out?