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UFC 158 results: Transcript of Nick Diaz at post-fight press conference

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Nick Diaz stole the show in the last 15 minutes of the UFC 158 press conference, talking about everything from a rematch with GSP or a fight with Anderson Silva to how wrestlers don't hit hard to how he was just trying to be "really mean" in the cage when he hit St. Pierre after the bell. Here's a full transcript of what Diaz had to say.


Nick Diaz may have come up short in his bid to take the UFC welterweight title away from Georges St. Pierre tonight at UFC 158, but he has never come up short in front of the media (as long as he shows up). As soon as the UFC 158 post-fight press conference began Dana White said that Diaz would not be attending, which came as a surprise to approximately no one.

But 45 minutes into a mostly generic question and answer period, Diaz waded into sit with the media, and then quickly took a spot at the end of the dais beside next title challenger, Johny Hendricks. And the following 15 minutes were filled with a lot of the things Nick has become most famous for when in front of a microphone - he planted the seeds for a gaggle of future fights, offered up some humorous backhanded compliments, said he wouldn't make excuses then followed that up with about 100 of them, and just offered a ton of general entertainment. So without further ado, here's a full transcript of what Nick had to say at the press conference.

Media member: "You said that after the fight you wanted to retire. You also said that after the fight with Carlos (Condit). Why do you want to retire from mixed martial arts?"

Diaz: "I just feel like I've fought everybody that I set out to fight. You know, Johny (Hendricks) here, here's a new guy. Jake (Ellenberger), you know, he's been around for a while. But I feel like I've taken care of everything that I wanted to do in this sport. And you know, this is hard stuff. I don't ever get time off. I've only had a year off one time, and it was a stressful year. You know, I was pretty bent out of shape that I didn't win that fight (against Condit at UFC 143) and I didn't seem, I didn't - you know, nobody would reassure me that they were gonna give me that fight (against GSP), 'they're gonna give you that fight'. I was just sitting around depressed the year off.

But like, I could sit here and make a million excuses about why I wasn't ready for this fight. But the only reason I'm here right now is - I want a rematch. (turning to GSP) I believe I can beat you. That's what I think. I think I might be a better matchup for Anderson Silva as well. But we'll see what happens.

I didn't have a good first round or a good performance tonight. I carried out a lot of my plan with what I wanted to do. I just think that I could have been a little better prepared for this fight. And I think that next time, if I did get an extra shot, that I think...people...would try to help me out a little bit."

Media member: "And Nick, one more question for you - you were coming off a year layoff. How much did that affect you, especially in the first round?"

Diaz: "The layoff? Like, you mean the year that I've had off? It was more just discouraging. Like, I didn't see myself fighting. I had retired. And then Dana comes up to me, I was in the middle of, I was at a show with my brother (Nate Diaz) I think. Yeah, I was with my brother for the (Ben) Henderson fight, and he came up to me and he goes 'So you ready for this shit, you wanna do this shit?' And I'm like 'Whoa! What are we talkin' about?' Why don't you go ahead and talk to Cesar (Gracie), and that was that.

I felt like everyone knew I had it coming, like Cesar knew I had it coming, everyone knew I had it coming, and then as soon as I had it coming, no one was around to help me. The only ones that came to help me was my sambo coach Gil Castillo. And you know, Jake (Shields) and Gil (Melendez), they obviously, they can't train hard right now, they have fights coming up. They've got stuff going on, and they need to have their down time when it's down time. I can't go roughing those guys up just because I need training.

I tried to bring some good sparring in. I got some great sparring with this kid Alan Sanchez. And I worked out good with Brandon Gonzalez. But I coulda got a lot more days in with these guys and Kron (Gracie) came to help me too. Kron wound up in Gilbert's gym for a week. But he knew I didn't get the right type of training. He was all 'Who did you work out with for wrestling, or on the ground?' I was all...I was trying to come up with something to tell him.

But like I said, you know, I could have had a better first round. I could have played it like I did in the third and the fourth maybe, through the whole fight. And made this guy fight a little more. Shake me down, hit me with small punches. You know, he put the elbow in. He did a great job. And I appreciate, he's a great fighter, he does what he does to win. He decided to say 'you're the guy', and that's why I'm here tonight, and if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have got this fight in the first place. But I don't really have anything else to say, and I'll just leave it at that."

Media Member: "Nick, did you feel that you deserved to be penalized for the shot you took at Georges after the bell?"

Diaz: "I don't know if I was, but I didn't really try to take that shot. I just threw it across his face. I know that sounds like some bullshit, but I really wasn't trying to hit him with that. I was just being really mean, I was being really mean out there, because I wanted him to try to hurt me, to try to finish me.

If you noticed, he didn't try to put any side control, he didn't try to put two hooks. You know, maybe he couldn't do it, or maybe he had a plan to just shake me down, shake me down, small shots, get the double leg, shake me down, shake me down, small shots throughout the whole fight so hopefully he could land his elbow. And he actually put that across my forehead in the first round.

But you know, I could sit out here and make a million reasons why I didn't do well, know, I was trying to time this whole, you know, hours delay between the US and here (Canada), and I was so confused. I just wish I woulda had some kinda coach telling me 'Listen, you're gonna have to go to sleep dude!' Cuz I was like 'Should I stay up? Should I go to sleep?'. And like, I slept all the way till 8 o'clock today, thinking I don't know if that's going to help me or if that's gonna work against me. But I was like fuckin' takin a nap out there. I had all this (rubs stomach)...stomach wasn't right. The only time I felt good was when I was out there, actually standing across from him. Then I was like 'alright, maybe I can do this shit', but you know, I've been a lot more ready for a lot of fights."

Media Member: "Nick, I need your help here. Dana came back telling us you were not going to be here, and here you are. Immediately after the fight you said you were going to retire, and you walk in here and say that you want to fight Georges and you want to fight Anderson Silva. So please, tell me what I write tomorrow when people read this."

Diaz: (laughing) "You know, I don't, come on now. You know that they're not going to pay me no money to fight these guys. You know, I wind up in a fight with Carlos again (gesturing towards him), know. Um, what's that going to do for me, you know? These guys hit hard, they're not joking. They're still trying to do this. I've had a lot more fights that most of these guys. Carlos is the number one guy that they'd try to match me up with against, I'd imagine. But I don't know, I'd have to go home and really decide on like, how that's gonna benefit me.

But you know, I wouldn't hesitate for two seconds to take a fight with, you know, a rematch (with GSP) or take a - not that I think, not that I even think for a second that anybody's gonna give me a rematch - but, I think I can win. (Turning to GSP) I think I can beat you. That's what I think. But, I really think that I have a better shot at Anderson Silva too. It may sound crazy to all the 'wrestling fans' out there, but it's just what I see as my opinion."

Media Member: "If you don't retire and you do stay with this, it sounds like not being fully happy with your team, where you're at, and if you did stay with this, what would you do? Would you change teams, would you..."

Diaz: "No, I can't be jumpin' teams. I just have to invest a little know, now that I have a little bit know, I've never paid taxes in my life, I'm probably gonna go to jail. (media laughs) That's not because I don't have, that's not because - what, nobody wants to hear about that, nobody wants to hear about that kind of talk, or what's really going on with me. But I might as well just be a kid, you know, I've had fight after fight after fight after fight, you know. You don't know what that does to someone who didn't graduate high school. You don't understand. Everyone has to take that - well, nobody has to do shit, but you can take that into consideration for a second, think about what three fights a year will do to you your whole life. And the only time you have some time off is, like a vacation, everyone's telling you you're this piece of shit, suspended, you know, you ain't fightin' this guy, you ain't fightin' that guy. You're gonna come back and have to dance around with a bunch of hard-hitting people. It's just's's a rough sport."

Media Member: "So what needs to happen then, for you to stay in the sport?"

Diaz: "I'll fight one of these guys. (To GSP) You want a rematch? Uh, he's gonna fight Johny Hen - uh, I dunno why you guys are sitting next to each other if you guys are gonna fight. I don't understand that. (media laughs). You're gonna sit right next to him but you're gonna talk about fighting him real quick (laughs). But I don't think anyone wants to see that still, to this day.

But, you know, I watched some of the fight here with Carlos, I thought he did a great job versus Johny here. You know (laughing), I hate that he lost. I hate it. I hate it. You know, but, (to Hendricks) no offense, but I don't think he lost though. (Hendricks and GSP smile) I just think that the way this sport is geared towards the wrestler. (both guys laugh) You know, goin' on top every round. You know, if you watched the Pride FC, which is gone now, disappeared, like, you gotta punch the guy. Take the elbows out. And if you're gonna make some good punches, it makes a lot of good space too. So you know, that makes it a little easier for the guy on bottom, when he's not trying to dodge elbows. He can make some attacks, and do some guard.

You know, I know Joe Rogan would like to see some bottom game. But I just don't think it's going to happen when some guys are just trying to lay flat, or trying to sit up for the elbow. But I think there should be a lot more, you know, like try to advance position, or just stand it up. You know, it's just cra - you know, when you used to watch a Pride show and it was 'Action! Action! Action!' You know, there's no elbows, and if you can't punch, you get your arm wrapped and you can't punch, they'll stand it up. So, um, I'd like to think that would help a little bit. And you know, I'll make excuses all day, but I gotta do what I gotta do to get the fights I want if I'm gonna fight."

(Ariel Helwani asks for one last question)

Dana White: "Nick, you want this question?"

Diaz: "Sure. I'll take what I can get while I'm here. You never know. This might be..."

Ariel: "Jake Shields tweeted that you had an issue, or the team had an issue with Georges' wraps. Can you explain that situation?"

Diaz: "They were, they were. You know. (Points at GSP) This guy has no punching power. I'm sorry, you're a wrestler. (GSP laughs, Hendricks looks down). But you know, he don't have punching power. Even, he has a full range to punch me from the back (while they're on the ground), right? I got hit with an elbow too and that didn't cut me, but something hit me right here (points between his eyes) and that just...I don't know, Jake said he had something wrong with his wraps, maybe he had something wrong with his wraps, I dunno. I ain't gonna accuse him of anything. I did get hit with one shot that didn't feel like it was hard and it still opened a cut on my head. But, you know - I could talk shit all day. I could talk shit. (media laughs) I'm not finished, I'm not beat up. I fight, you know, the goddamned five round woke me up. And I'm ready to fight. So that's just how I feel."