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WMMA fighters oppose Fallon Fox fighting, including her next opponent and maybe Rosi Sexton

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WMMA fighter Rosi Sexton weighs the rights and wrongs of transgender athlete Fallon Fox fighting professionally against women and Fox's next opponent Allanna Jones is against it but still stepping up to face Fox.

Fallon Fox, Facebook

Ever since the news came out that WMMA fighter Fallon Fox is, in fact, the first known transgender athlete competing in professional women's mixed martial arts, there have been a number of responses, pro and con. The latest to line up on the con side is Fox's next opponent Allanna Jones.

TMZ has the scoop (of course they do):

Allanna "Hands of Stones" Jones -- who's scheduled to fight Fox next month in Florida -- tells TMZ, "It doesn't matter what he [Fox] had changed ... he was still born and developed a man."

Jones believes Fox's participation in the sport will distract from the accomplishments of "real" female fighters, saying, "[WMMA] is just making a name for itself and this will have a negative impact on it."

But despite claims it's not a fair fight, Jones is still convinced she'll wipe the floor with Fox -- telling us, "I am not scared to fight him because I know I can win."

Rosi Sexton has a far more thoughtful take on Fox and hasn't quite made up her mind one way or the other. Here's an excerpt of Rosi's blog post but you really should read the whole thing, it's very well thought out:

2) None of us have a right to compete in professional MMA. People are routinely denied a licence to compete if their medical status means that there could be an increased risk either to themselves or their opponent.

4) Contrary to some of the assertions by Fox's supporters in the media, there appears to be no good scientific evidence that proves Fox does not have a performance advantage over someone who was born female. Expert opinion is still just opinion - and it seems divided on the subject. Experts may also have their own biases. Specialists in gender reassignment may not be equally knowledgeable about exercise physiology.

5) The experts supporting Fox have been quite cautious in their assessment. "She probably does not have a significant advantage" and "her musculature is comparable to that of a woman" are a long way from saying "we know for a fact that she does not have a performance advantage over someone born female".

10) I sympathise with Fox's position, and I don't entirely agree with those who say that she should not be allowed to fight. On the other hand, I believe it was wrong that Fox's opponents were not informed of the situation so they could make their own assessment of the risks involved and give consent. This will obviously not be an issue in future in Fox's case; but I'm concerned about the athletic commissions' position that the opponent has no right to know. My opinion is that if someone is going to be legally punching me in the face, then it's absolutely my business if she grew up as a male. While I understand the concerns about privacy, I don't think that in this case the right to privacy trumps the opponent's right to make her own informed decision about the risks she is taking.

Meanwhile UFC President Dana White got himself into a little trouble with Outsports for referring to Fox by the wrong gender:

In answering questions on SiriusXM's Abe Kanon Show about transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox, White repeatedly referred to her as 'he' and 'him' and said she's not much of a fighter anyway:

Here's the other thing. All this other hype about Fallon Fox fighting in the UFC or whatever, understand this first and foremost: Everyone that Fallon Fox has fought has a losing record.

So before you even think about fighting in the UFC or whatever - he was a man and now he's a woman - he's fighting girls who have losing records. Before you get too crazy about him being in the UFC, he's so freaking far from being in the UFC that it's not even funny.

It's hard to tell if White is just pissed that the biggest MMA story last week had nothing to do with him, or if he's truly just an ignorant jerk. My best guess is it's a little of both.

What's your take BElitists?