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UFC 158 video: Dana White's pre-fight press conference media scrum

Dana White speaks to the media for an hour following the UFC 158 press conference.

Dana White spoke to the media for roughly an hour following this afternoon's pre-fight press conference for UFC 158. Obviously, there was plenty said about the main event fighters, Nick Diaz and Georges St. Pierre.

But there was also a lot of information on other topics, including Dana following up on this quote on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) from the actual presser:

"If you put in a TRT exemption, we’re going to make sure you’re not using this much TRT and then showing up with this much. So what that does is, the guys who do that, that are on TRT, their training camp is a lot easier than the guy who’s all natural. The bangs, the injuries, all the s--- that goes on, they’re recovering 10 times faster than the guy who’s not doing it. So we’re going to f---ing test these guys and make sure that’s not happening until TRT exemptions don’t happen anymore."

Give the full video a watch and share your thoughts in the comments.