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Georges St. Pierre talks Nick Diaz skipping the UFC 158 open workouts and the heated pre-fight conference call

Georges St. Pierre discusses being ready to fight Nick Diaz after a long wait and what he thinks about Diaz skipping the UFC 158 open workouts.

Here are a few quotes from when Ariel Helwani caught up with Georges St. Pierre ahead of his UFC 158 bout with Nick Diaz. The interview took place at the open workouts, which Diaz did not attend.

On what he makes of Diaz skipping the open workout:

"I don't make anything of it. I focus on me, I don't focus on him. I focus on my obligation, that's all. After Saturday, when the fight will be over, it will be history, it will be past in my career."

On if he thinks it's fair that he had to attend while Diaz skipped the event:

"It's not fair, it's a commitment. I don't like it...I despise it actually. But I have to do it, it's a part of the game."

On being ready for the fight and ready to put Nick behind him:

"Yeah, I train very hard, thinking about that all the time. I'm ready to go now. It's like when you play golf, the ball is in the air, my work is done. I'm ready to go."

And on the now somewhat notorious conference call where he and Diaz engaged in a war of words:

"Actually, I've listened to it after all. I couldn't understand at the moment what he was saying. He was referring to some bad word. I think he was saying that I was having sex with my own biological mother. That's what he says to me. And I got frustrated. I don't like to be disrespected. I'm a nice guy, you don't disrespect me. I'm gonna be disrespectful too. I'm not like a lamb. I'm not going to let myself be disrespected. But after that I listened to the conversation and my friend who is an English speaker told me 'you guys are both out of line.' And I realized I was out of line too. We were both talking about stuff that didn't make any sense. I'm sure some scientist will listen at this tape in a thousand years they will be trying to analyze the depth of the conversation and they will still not understand it. It was actually pretty funny."