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Joe Lauzon eyeing summer return after taking care of scar tissue

Almost 3 months after his bloody battle with Jim Miller, Lauzon is still feeling the effects of his Fight of the Night performance.


In the co-main event of UFC 155, Lightweight Joe Lauzon put on his second Fight of the Year contender in 2012. Unfortunately for Lauzon he came up short and lost the unanimous decision to Jim Miller. Miller cut Joe open in the first round and it looked like he may get the early finish. Instead, Lauzon rallied and put on a gutsy display as he covered himself, his opponent, and the octagon in blood.

The performance won him Fight of the Night honors, but he's still feeling the impact of the cuts. Lauzon told MMA Junkie that he's been hesitant to train as he's worried that he could accidentally open up the scar tissue:

"There was like a big raised ridge underneath there just full of scar tissue," he recently told Radio. "The big thing is that I'm paranoid – really paranoid – that I'm going to start training again, and if all that scar tissue is still there, I'll make it to the end of camp, and I'll take a shot. It'll open it up again, or it'll open up right at the beginning of when I fight again.

"So I made a decision to take it a little slower."

Before getting his next fight scheduled, Lauzon is undergoing a procedure to heal the scar tissue and make it less of a liability:

"Basically he takes a metal tool and digs at the scar tissue to break it all up," Lauzon said. "So I can legit feel all the scar tissue breaking up and getting smaller and smaller. It's super painful, but I've basically been doing that. But I can only do it once a week. You can basically aggravate the crap out of it, break it all up, and then you need a couple days off to rest and stuff. So it's a little slow going."

Once he's all healed up, Lauzon would like to return to action this summer.