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Video tutorial: Hot girl shows how to properly wrap your hands

The wonderful folks at Eye Handy, provide an excellent video on how to properly wrap your hands.

MMA has leapt into the stratosphere with casual fans over the last couple of years. Johnny Couch Potato is now going to the gym. He's eating right and he's decided to start training various disciplines. He's gonna go pro one day. He's gonna be a star.

Well, before he can do that, he has to provide himself with some protection when he's training. It's not just about a cup or head gear. Even your gloves won't do much good if you don't wrap your hands correctly. With all the hand fractures in MMA, it pays to go the extra mile. Many pros believe that if you wrap em up 'right and tight', you won't have many problems.

So, in the spirit of friendship, your good buddy and lifelong pal (that would be me), is going to hook you up with some step by step instructions via the fine folks at Eye Handy. They've put together an excellent video, demonstrating the proper way to wrap your hands. Enjoy!

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