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UFC 157 betting lines: Koscheck, Mendes open as big favorites

Ryan Pierse

The UFC 157 card is still almost three weeks away, but the final two main card fights now have betting lines out there for the general public to wager on. With that being said - I'm not sure many people are going to jump all over either of these lines. First, let's take a look at the odds for the welterweight fight between Josh Koscheck and Robbie Lawler:

There is no way I'd bet on Lawler as the underdog there. He hasn't fought at 170 pounds in over eight years. That's a huge amount of time competing at 185 (and as high as 195). Having to get down to welterweight is probably going to be pretty tough for him. Plus, Koscheck's wrestling is going to cause a lot of problems for him. Lawler has the power to end it with one shot though, so a bet on Kos isn't that great either. Basically, I'll pass.

Onto the opening main card bout in Anaheim on February 23rd - Chad Mendes vs. Manny Gamburyan:

I won't be touching this either. I almost never bet on anything in the -400 range, though I can't see any way that Gamburyan beats Mendes. If you feel differently, have at it. But my betting account will remain untouched today.

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