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Vinny Magalhaes responds to Phil Davis' comments on The MMA Hour

UFC light heavyweight, Vinny Magalhaes, gives his response to Phil Davis' interview with Ariel Helwani, and discusses why he feels Davis has no chance against him.

Photo by Esther Lin for
Photo by Esther Lin for

The war of words between Vinny Magalhaes and Phil Davis is officially underway after an interview Davis did with Ariel Helwani earlier today. Up until this point, it had mainly been Magalhaes baiting Davis and making his case to the UFC brass in order to get a fight booked between them. The fight, having been announced officially last week, is about 11 weeks away, and has a nice lead-in via the trash talking between the two light heavies. I spoke with Vinny today, and got his reaction to Davis'comments to MMA Fighting.

I'm not gonna disagree with him, that I'm being a troll on Twitter, because I got what I wanted, I got the fight. As far as how the fight is gonna go, I'm gonna get what I want there, too. It's gonna be a win for me. What is he gonna do? Outwrestle me? That's all he can do. His striking is horrible. His ground game is horrible. All the guys he's submitted don't have any ground game, so I don't know why he thinks that he can submit me.

I don't know what's in his mind. Maybe all those ranking numbers he was talking about makes him feel good, but they're the reason why I called him out, and not anybody else [laughs]. In my opinion, skillwise, Phil Davis should not even be a Top 10 fighter. There are many guys in the UFC that are way more well rounded than him, but the only thing he has going for him, that's really high level, is his wrestling, which I respect.

He impressed a lot of people with his 6-1 record in the UFC, but he did not impress me, because I don't look at numbers, I look at skills. I don't think he has the skills to be a Top 10 fighter, I don't think he has the skills to beat me, I don't even think he has the skills to wrestle around with me, so I don't know what makes him thinks he deserves a spot in the Top 5.

It's better that he doesn't respect me. It makes it easier. I think that's what happened with Igor. The first round he lasted with me, so he probably thought he could take me down, and outlast another one, and he ended up getting caught in less than 30 seconds, once we hit the ground. It's what I want. I want him not to respect me, because I know that my ground game is way better than his. I know my ground game is way better than anybody he's trained with, so I'm not worried about what he thinks.

He said that he doesn't even watch my fights, which I'm glad about. He doesn't have to study anything, and he can think that he'll just take me down, and do what he does to everybody else, which is not gonna happen. I'm glad he doesn't watch my fights, and I'm glad that he doesn't even care about me, because that's just gonna make my life much easier. I'll be honest with you, and I'm not even just talking to talk, but I think he's gonna be an even easier fight than Igor was. Igor might not have been world class, or anything, but he was well rounded.

Phil thinks he's a good grappler, but as an expert, I feel I can comment on this, and he's not a good grappler by any means. It's not even like he's decent. He's not good at all. He's below average when it comes to ground game. For him to think that he's just gonna take me down and hold me down is going to be a huge mistake. I know I'm gonna submit him once it hits the ground. He can say whatever he wants, but there's a reason why I asked for this fight, and it's because I know I will beat him and it will put me up high in the rankings, and that's all I care about.

You can follow Vinny via his Twitter account, @VinnyMMA

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