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Daniel Cormier: 'Jon Jones, you and I will get it done'

Responding to talk from UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier says that he and Jones will 'get it done.'


Daniel Cormier was in studio for the UFC 156 coverage for Fuel TV this past Saturday night an in between providing analysis for a stellar night of fights he had a message to deliver to Jon Jones. Jones and Cormier have been engaged in a sort of war of words over the past few months and the idea of a fight between the two for Jones' UFC light heavyweight championship has become a bit of a "dream match" for many fans.

With Jones recently telling Cormier to either drop down from heavyweight or stop talking about it, Cormier felt the need to respond while he had some camera time:

Jon Jones, you’re firing me up. I’m coming to find him. Where I’m from, you don’t tell man to shut up. That’s one thing you don’t do. Jon Jones, you and I will get it done.

I'm surprised to learn that where Daniel is from the worst thing you could possibly do is tell a man to shut up, but hey, regional differences and all that.

Jones is set to defend his title against Chael Sonnen at UFC 159, a fight which Jones should win with little to no trouble.

Cormier, for his part, has to get past Frank Mir at the April UFC on Fox event, a bit tougher of a task.

Assuming Cormier and Jones both win and Cain Velasquez -- Cormier's teammate he has said he won't fight -- is still heavyweight champion, a clash between Cormier and Jones seems almost inevitable.

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