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Dana White: Someone failed a drug test after UFC on FX 7 but it wasn't Vitor Belfort

Last week rumors were rife that UFC star Vitor Belfort failed his post-fight drug test following his UFC on FX 7 TKO win over Michael Bisping. UFC president Dana White has now publicly denied those rumors, saying "someone on the card failed a drug test but it wasn't Belfort."

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Last week we posted on Michael Bisping's response to rumors that his UFC on FX 7 opponent Vitor Befort had failed a drug test, letting you know that the results were not yet in. Now UFC president Dana White has come out and confirmed that Belfort did NOT fail his post-fight tests although there WAS an "irregular" result from one fighter on the card.

From last night's media scrum:

"It f***ing was not Vitor Belfort. Yet right now, I bet if you talk to a hundred people, a hundred people will tell you that Vitor Belfort failed his drug test in Brazil. That's bulls**t, that's crazy, that some rumor from a f***ing clown with a fake name on Twitter can do that. It's crazy.

"Some f***ing goof on Twitter puts out a tweet, and everybody starts f***ing throwing these accusations around. I've got Michael Bisping f***ing blow me up at 1 in the morning from England going, 'Did that motherf***er fail the drug test?' It's f***ing crazy, man.

"We will release the thing when it comes out, and we will say what happened with who failed."

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