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Dana White goes off on Randy Couture, says Ryan Couture will stay with UFC

UFC president Dana White didn't hold back when asked about UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture's recent move to Spike TV to work with Bellator. But he did say that Randy's son Ryan will remain with the UFC.

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Dana White hadn't said a lot about UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture's deal with Spike TV to work on Bellator's reality show so far this week. You know Dana couldn't hold back forever though, and he finally let loose at the UFC 156 post-fight media scrum. As expected, Dana was pretty harsh when it came to The Natural (via Ariel Helwani's twitter):

Couture's deal with Spike ended up coming an inopportune time for his son Ryan, who was brought over from Strikeforce to the UFC recently when SF was closed down. According to Dana, he texted Ryan Couture earlier this week and said that if he wanted out of his contract to go to Bellator, Dana would be okay with that. Ryan said it was his dream to fight in the UFC though, and he wanted to stay. Dana says he responded with "this is your house and I'm honored you said that". He was happy that Ryan was staying and wants him to feel welcome, but he also said that his father won't be welcome to corner him, or even buy a ticket to shows.

Couture retired after a UFC 129 loss to Lyoto Machida, and has had contentious contract issues with the UFC in the past. They always kissed and made up though, so it's pretty clear that Dana sees Couture's deal with the competition as a slap in the face. It'll be interesting to see if Couture responds to this or takes the high road, but you can be sure that White isn't done talking about the issue just yet.

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