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UFC 156 results: Edgar/Aldo, Bigfoot, and Green take home $50K in bonuses

Following UFC 156, Dana White announced the award winners of the night fo UFC 156


UFC 156 brought a lot of action and a lot of upsets. The main card definitely delivered in action, even if it was light on finishes. Middleweight transfer, Damien Maia surprised a lot of people by dominating former #2 Welterweight Jon Fitch over their 15 minute fight. Overeem took a big upset to Bigfoot Silva and Jose Aldo let Frankie Edgar hold a very close fight over 25 minutes.

With the event over, UFC president Dana White announced the award winners for the night:

Fight of the Night: Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar

Knockout of the Night: Antonio Silva vs. Alistair Overeem

Submission of the Night: Bobby Green vs. Jakob Vokmann

Edgar definitely made his Featherweight debut the best fight of the event. He avoided the devastating striking of Jose Aldo enough not to get finished. On top of that, he pressured the champ enought to take two rounds on most judges scorecards.

Overeem was supposed to win KOTN with a quick finish of Bigfoot Silva. Instead, he seemed dedicated to lasting 15 minutes. That strategy backfired when Antonio Silva lit him up with an impressive combo in the 3rd round to win the fight.

Like Bigfoot, bobby Green was expected to lose his fight. Volkmann is a proven grinder and Green was supposed to succumb to his pressure. Green turned that around and finished the fight with an RNC in round 3.