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UFC 156 results: Jose Aldo defeats Frankie Edgar by decision to retain title


The bout was billed as a superfight, and it delivered a lot of action. In the end though, UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo was able to defend his title with a unanimous decision victory over Frankie Edgar. The first two rounds were all Aldo, with leg kicks aplenty and some solid boxing from the champ. The third was when Edgar turned it around a bit, and it seemed that Frankie controlled the second half of the fight. The judges thought Aldo did more though, and gave him all three cards with 49-46, 49-46, and 48-47 scores.

Both men came out speedy as expected, throwing kicks and moving around. Aldo seemed to get Frankie's timing down quickly, sticking the jab in his face and landing two solid right hooks. Edgar wasn't able to connect on much of anything, and didn't go for a takedown. Aldo closed the round with two huge leg kicks, a solid jab, and a head kick that was blocked.

Edgar started to mix it up a little more in round two, going for leg kicks and throwing in sneaky takedown attempts. He was also willing to exchange a little more, but Aldo's length and speed was making it tough for him. Edgar decided to brawl after getting caught with a flying knee and clinched up, but Aldo separated easily. Finally Edgar was able to catch a kick and get a takedown with a solid punch, but Aldo popped right back up. The leg kicks from Aldo were deadly though.

Edgar shot in for a takedown immediately in round three and he almost got it, but Aldo fought it off. Aldo landed a straight kick to the face that made Frankie's nose start to bleed. Edgar was doing his best to try and connect, and landed a couple of combinations and an uppercut up the middle. He was able to catch a couple of kicks as well. Aldo shook off Edgar's takedown attempts easily though, and continued to land his jab well. Edgar closed well, but it didn't seem to be enough to earn him the round.

Frankie landed a few leg kicks early in round four, but ate a spinning back kick in return. Edgar went for another takedown that Aldo fought off, but Edgar landed a punch at least. Edgar finally got a body lock on a retreating Aldo and threw him to the mat, but Aldo popped up again. Edgar stayed glued to Aldo's back and looked for a suplex, but settled for knees to the butt. It was Edgar's best round of the fight to that point.

Edgar stayed with the leg kicks and takedown attampts in the final round, chasing Aldo around the cage at times. But Aldo was right there with solid jabs, right hooks, and counters. Edgar landed a nice combination and a knee. The fighters traded big rights in the pocket with 75 seconds to go. Edgar put together a nice combination, and another. Edgar landed two right hooks late, and Aldo used the cage to propel himself into a "Showtime punch" just before the horn.