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South Dakota's MMA regulation bill passes by wide margin

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Up to now, South Dakota had remained one of the few states not to have a regulatory commission in place to oversee combat sports in the state. Yesterday, that changed when a bill was approved to establish a state athletic commission.

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As we reported earlier this week, South Dakota had a bill before their House of Representatives that would set up a commission to regulate combat sports including boxing and MMA. The bill was not met without resistance, as representative Steve Hickey attempted to add an amendment that would ban MMA, which he called "the child porn of sports."

According to the Argus Leader, Senator Hickey's blustering was for naught, as his amendment was voted down. Additionally, the bill to regulate and establish a commission was approved by a majority of 50 votes to 20. Now the bill is just waiting on a signature from Governor Dennis Daugaard. Daugaard has a history of opposition to MMA, however the bill passed by a wide enough margin in both the House and the Senate to override any veto.