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Video: George Lucas' daughter Amanda goes from 'wimpy fat kid' to pro MMA fighter

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Bobby Razak's 8-minute video spot on Amanda Lucas and her burgeoning career as a professional MMA competitor.

"I didn't know a lot about mixed martial arts until a few years ago when Amanda starting getting involved with it," comments Star Wars creator George Lucas on his daughter's foray into MMA. "I'd seen a little bit of it on television but I didn't know that much about it. Now that Amanda is fighting I'm learning more and more about it, and this is about as exciting and aggressive as you can get."

Adopting the nickname "Powerhouse," Amanda Lucas boasts a 5-1 record and reps the vaunted Skrap Pack team, which houses the likes of UFC lightweights Gilbert Melendez and Matt Wiman. She started training under Melendez and Jake Shields after meeting them at the Fairtex gym in San Francisco. Though she dropped her professional debut in 2008, Lucas has pieced together a 5-fight win streak (3 submissions, 2 decisions) since. Her last 4 bouts transpired in Japan's longstanding DEEP promotion who, unbeknownst to Lucas, once accented her walkout music with audio from the well known Star Wars theme.

This film short was done by well respected MMA videographer Bobby Razak, who burst onto the scene with 2001's "Rites of Passage: The Rebirth of Combat Sports" and is currently shooting a documentary titled "Mask" about the tragic 2009 death of Charles Lewis Jr., who founded the Tapout clothing company. You can visit Razak's website here. The following is fight footage from Youtube of Amanda Lucas' debut in the DEEP promotion.