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TUF 10's Justin Wren aids Congolese children while his beard and arm hair provide comic relief

Video: former UFC fighter Justin Wren visits children in the East Congo, who are giddily overwhelmed by his beard and arm hair.

Justin Wren, a former UFC heavyweight who competed on season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter, has a big heart. He's dedicated much of his time to making a positive difference, offering encouragement and assistance to those in need.

"The Viking" recently visited some children from the Mbuti Pygmy tribe in the East Congo. The Democratic Republic of Congo is a war-torn area that has been a focal point for funding and relief organizations, such as the Eastern Congo Initiative, which was founded by actor Ben Affleck. For example, just yesterday, Press TV reports that 8 people -- most of which were innocent civilians -- were killed in a rocket attack.

The video above shows the children of the Mbuti Pygmy tribe, who are laying eyes on a Caucasian for the first time, having quite a humorous reaction to Wren's arm hair and voluminous beard. Wren left the following comments on the interaction on his Youtube page:

Hairy & Scary in Congo! 1st time kids see white dude & even see arm hair! First time they see a beard... And they get to see themself doing it on the screen of the iPhone 4s front screen while they are doing it. I love this little kiddo's! They are such a joy. We are working to help these people in need... But that doesn't mean you can't have fun while doing it!

Wouldn't it be SURREAL to be the first of your particular ethnicity to be seen by someone? I got three weeks of it in the remote parts of Eastern Congo... Especially in the deeper parts of the jungle they would even hide behind the tree's.

The vanilla gorilla... great white sasquatch... Or Viking in the video is professional MMA fighter and UFC veteran Justin "The Viking" Wren who went to the Congo to bring aid and love to the unloved Mbuti Pygmy tribe of Eastern Congo.

Visit Wren's website at or make a donation to further his cause here.

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