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MMA Tete-A-Tete: Nate and Eugene on Matt Riddle, pot vs TRT, and UFC Silva vs. Stann

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Kid Nate and Eugene S. Robinson of VICE's Fightland blog talk about UFC on Fuel TV: Silva vs. Stann, Matt Riddle getting cut for pot and TRT in this edition of the MMA Tete-A-Tete: Coarsening the Discourse.

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Note: Another Tete, another egregious factual error. Sean McCorkle actually beat Mark Hunt, not the other way around All apologies. Thanks to the viewers who pointed that out.

I'm back with another installment of the MMA Tete-A-Tete: Coarsening the Discourse. Eugene S. Robinson author of Fight: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You'd Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking is my counter-part for this edition.

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Topics covered include:

* Matt Riddle cut for 2nd failed drug test for pot. Is that really fair when so many are getting TUE's for TRT?

* Alistair Overeem's low T levels

* Whether or not Wanderlei Silva needs to retire right away or not

* The upcoming UFC on Fuel TV 8: Silva vs. Stann card. We run through the card and make our picks and/or say "we don't know who these guys are."