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Dana White squashes Ben Henderson's desire to fight Georges St. Pierre in super fight

Only a few short minutes after it came out that the Lightweight champ wanted to fight the Welterweight overlord, White nixed the whole idea.


Yesterday, UFC president Dana White confirmed that Jose Aldo would indeed face Anthony Pettis for the Featherweight title in August. White had revealed at the UFC 157 post fight press conference that Aldo had been reticent to fight the 155er as there were already legitimate contenders in his division. Dana held firm, saying the fight would happen and all he had to do was promise Aldo a shot at the Lightweight title if he wins.

As reported on UFC Tonight, it appears that Aldo isn't the only champ who wants to test himself in a higher division. Ariel Helwani explained that Lightweight champion Ben Henderson would like to challenge the Welterweight king Georges St. Pierre. Unfortunately for Bendo, Dana squashed the idea before many even heard the news.

Benson is expected to defended the 155 lb. title at UFC On Fox 6 on April 20 against Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez. The winner of that will most likely go on to face the winner of Aldo vs. Pettis.