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UFC 159: Alan Belcher will get Union Jack tattoo if Bisping stops him early

Alan Belcher promises that he'll get a tattoo of something that's close to Michael Bisping's heart if Bisping can take him out quickly at UFC 159. But will Bisping go for what The Talent wants him to do if it's Belcher that gets the quick finish?

It's pretty clear that UFC middleweight Alan Belcher is as famous for his terrible Johnny Cash tattoo as he is for his fighting skills. Belcher is taking on Michael Bisping at UFC 159, and wasn't a big fan of Bisping saying he will take him out in the first round of their bout in Newark, NJ on April 27th. So in a video blog, he offered Bisping a promise - if he could indeed finish "The Talent" early, Belcher would go out and get a Union Jack tattoo:

"You can take me out in round one? I don't think so. If you can take me out in round one, I will get the British flag tattooed on my chest. That, I promise. I make that promise to the fans right now. You better get your ass to training instead of making little powder puff movies. Get in the gym and start training. At least try to make it past the first minute."

He even goes so far as to say that if he can take the British fighter out in the first round, Bisping should have to go out and get his own Johnny Cash tattoo. Somehow I doubt that's going to happen. Bisping, who has been having some trouble with his hand but says it won't affect the fight, will undoubtedly respond to this sooner or later and I'm sure it will be amusing. But I wouldn't count on either of these guys getting any ink in the aftermath of their bout, despite what's being said.

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