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UFC 157 results: Fights to make for main card fighters

With UFC 157 now a thing of the past, where do the main card fighters go from here? Here's a look at who each main card fighter might face in their next bout.


In terms of relevance, UFC 157 was really a two-fight show. While I'm sure that Urijah Faber fans might be a bit ticked at the idea of this, his bout really didn't change much in his division. And even though Robbie Lawler did pull off the upset, it's not like the welterweight division is insanely different at the end of the day. But all of these fighters have to fight someone next (unless someone retires), so I'll going to put my armchair booking hat on and see where everyone should go from here.

Ronda Rousey - I've always been a big fan of Sara McMann and firmly believe she's the biggest challenge to Rousey's crown. But she probably does need some more seasoning first, and it's pretty obvious that the winner of the TUF 17 Finale fight between former challenger Miesha Tate and Cat Zingano will step into the octagon against Rousey next.

Liz Carmouche - She proved that she's a legitimate threat in the 135-pound division, and she'll probably be facing off with a top contender next. I'd personally like to see her fight Alexis Davis, but a bout with Sarah Kaufman works too.

Lyoto Machida - According to Dana, the winner of the Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen fight is next for Machida. In reality, I think he's going to get another in a long line of "contenders" fights because Alexander Gustafsson is going to steal his spot. Who does that leave? As weird as it sounds, I think it will be Sonnen. There's legitimate heat there, and the fight would sell. Yes, it's off the wall. But with the way recent UFC matchmaking has worked, it wouldn't surprise me at all.

Dan Henderson - I've always wanted to see him fight Rashad Evans, but Rashad's asking for Shogun and that's probably what's going to happen. So put him in there with Glover Teixeira. Yes, Hendo's coming off a loss and Glover just beat Quinton Jackson. But if Glover wins, it's another former champ he's taken out. And if Hendo wins, it's clear Teixeira isn't ready for the title chase. And it has all the makings of being a crazy brawl. EDIT - I forgot Teixeira was set up to fight Bader. How about the loser of Gustafsson/Mousasi?

Urijah Faber - If Dominick Cruz returns to fighting, he'll face Renan Barao next. And regardless of the outcome, I believe we'll see Cruz/Faber 3 after that. But Faber probably doesn't want to wait until the winter to fight again, so who should he face in the meantime? Michael McDonald is certainly the best option at this point.

Ivan Menjivar - Ivan won't be sniffing the top of the division ever again probably, but he's a solid mid-level guy that always brings it. He'd be a great next fight for one of the top prospects in the division, 23-year old Erik Perez.

Court McGee - I wasn't overly impressed with his win, but he did bring one thing to the welterweight division - relentless striking. If Sean Pierson is able to get past his concussion issues, I'd like to see how Court implements his game against someone with Sean's skill set.

Josh Neer - Back to the midwest regionals. When Jeremy Stephens gets released, they can have an Iowa felony superfight in a strip club parking lot somewhere.

Robbie Lawler - There are a few options, but it depends on how the UFC wants to use him. If they're still looking at dumping his salary, Mike Pierce could ground him for three rounds and not get knocked out. If they're looking for actual excitement, the winner of the Nate Marquardt vs. Jake Ellenberger bout could work. A fight with Martin Kampmann would be pretty fun as well.

Josh Koscheck - As I've been stating all weekend, I think Koscheck's next fight will be taking place outside the UFC. If it is inside the UFC, I wouldn't be shocked to see him fight Nick Diaz next just for the entertainment factor. Honestly though, retirement should be something Kos thinks about. He hasn't really been the same since his eye injury and he's not hurting for money. Athletes always have a hard time coming to terms with the end of their careers and I'm not one to normally push fighters in that direction. But it seems logical for Koscheck at this point.

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