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UFC 157 results: Ronda Rousey armbars Liz Carmouche late in first round

Ronda Rousey picked up a submission victory in the first women's bout in UFC history, finishing Liz Carmouche by armbar late in the first round of their main event bout at UFC 157.


It took a lot longer than most people expected, but the best women's fighter in the world got the expected armbar finish. Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche was surprisingly competitive, with Carmouche getting Rousey's back early and threatening with a choke. Once Ronda got it down and got side control, she methodically worked until the armbar was hers. The finish came at 4:49 of round one.

They clinched up against the cage and Ronda looked for the takedown early, but Carmouche fought her off. Ronda got a takedown against the cage but Carmouche got up and took Ronda's back. Carmouche looked for a crank and a choke while on Ronda's back standing, but Ronda shook her off. Ronda stood over a downed Carmouche and landed a few strikes while looked to enter her guard. Carmouche went for a leglock but Rousey spun into side control.

Ronda got a side headlock and punched Carmouche in the head. That went on for over two minutes. Ronda finally flipped over and went for the armbar. Carmouche defended while Ronda cranked. Finally the arm came free and she got the tap with 11 seconds left in the round.

Rousey improved to 7-0 with the win, and has finished all seven of her bouts via armbar in the first round. Carmouche dropped to 8-3 with the loss, but has nothing to hang her head about.

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