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UFC 157 results: Urijah Faber chokes out Ivan Menjivar

In an important bantamweight fight at UFC 157, Urijah Faber picked up a first round submission win over Ivan Menjivar.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

Urijah Faber had his back to the wall a bit coming into his UFC 157 bout with Ivan Menjivar. UFC president Dana White had mentioned that Faber's position in the company may be at risk if he didn't put in a good performance. Well it doesn't matter now because Faber looked awesome, because The California Kid submitted Menjivar with a standing rear naked choke late in the first round. He climbed Menjivar's back, did some adjusting, and sunk the choke. The finish came at 4:34 of the first.

After a little bit of striking to start, Menjivar hit a really nice hip toss but Faber reversed him right away. Faber started in side control but Menjivar regained full guard. Faber landed a couple of big elbows from the top while defending Menjivar's sub attempts from the bottom. Menjivar landed two nice upkicks when Faber backed out of guard, but Faber jumped back in with elbows against the cage.

Finally Menjivar got up, but Faber climbed up his back and spun around, looking for a standing rear naked choke. And Menjivar tapped.

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