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UFC 157 results: Court McGee takes decision over Josh Neer

In the second main card bout at UFC 157, Court McGee picked up a win in his welterweight debut by taking a unanimous decision over Josh Neer.

Mark Kolbe

Court McGee had UFC 157 opponent Josh Neer badly hurt in the first round, but couldn't get the finish. It looked for a while like that might come back to haunt him, but the TUF 11 winner regrouped well and took it to Neer over the second half of the fight with volume striking. In the end, the judges saw it for McGee and he picked up a win in his welterweight debut. All three judges had it 30-27.

Neer landed the first solid shot of the fight, a counter right hook. McGee put together a few combinations that ended with solid leg kicks. McGee backed Neer up with a left. McGee began to take over with his hands, mixing up his striking to the body and the head while throwing in timely kicks. McGee hurt him with a body shot and Neer begged off. McGee continued to pound away at the body and Neer went down. Neer was able to keep him away until late, when McGee got back mount and sunk a choke. The horn went though.

Neer looked a bit recovered entering round two, but McGee came out with kicks. McGee clinched up, but ate a body shot and a right. Neer got back into it a bit and landed some more solid jabs and straight rights. Neer worked the body too, with punches and knees in the clinch. McGee was still throwing a lot, but there was a lot less on his strikes.

McGee came out in the third throwing a lot of volume and connecting. Neer landed a few solid shots of his own though. McGee tied Neer up against the cage and grinded away for a minute until Neer escaped. McGee got a couple of takedowns in the middle of the round to control Neer. He eventually got back control and looked for a choke with a minute to go, but Neer fought him off. Neer was a bloody mess by the final horn.

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