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UFC 157 results: Michael Chiesa chokes out Anton Kuivanen

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TUF winner Michael Chiesa finished Anton Kuivanen by submission in the second round of their UFC 157 lightweight bout.

Michael Chiesa's first post-TUF fight came at UFC 157 against Anton Kuivanen, and he got the job done. After a shaky first round where he couldn't get much going on the feet, Chiesa took advantage of a small mistake by his opponent to take his back and eventually submit him. The rear naked choke finish came at 2:29 of the second stanza.

The whole first half of round one was engaged on the feet, with neither man gaining much of an advantage. Chiesa looked to land his right but didn't throw much else, while Kuivanen pretty much did the same thing. It turned into a clinch battle after that, but once it was back at range it was Kuivanen landing more. Chiesa was clowning a bit. Kuivanen threw a flying knee, but Chiesa caught him and planted him on the ground. Kuivanen got up quickly though at the end of the round.

Chiesa tried hard for a takedown early in round two but Kuivanen's takedown defense was up to snuff. Kuivanen made and error though, and Chiesa took his back standing then dragged him down and looked for a choke with a body triangle. After two attempts, he finally slipped the arm under the chin and got the tap from the Finnish fighter.