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UFC 157 results: Kenny Robertson scores beautiful submission win over Brock Jardine

Kenny Robertson picked up the first win of his UFC career in brutal fashion, stretching out Brock Jardine's leg and eliciting a tap at 2:57 of the first round in their UFC 157 welterweight fight.


Kenny Robertson picked up the first finish of the UFC 157 card, and it was in highly unusual fashion. Robertson worked from high back control in his welterweight bout with Brock Jardine, and torqued on Jardine's leg from over the top. He was able to stretch it out to the point that he elicited a tap. The finish came at 2:57 of the first round.

Robertson shot in for a takedown to start the fight but Jardine snatched up a guillotine and pulled guard. Robertson defended well though. Robertson cut right through his guard to side, then took back mount. Kenny flattened him out and landed a barrage of punches to the back to the head. He flipped over and looked for the choke against the cage. Robertson went high on his back and somehow got a tap from a leglock.

After the fight, Robertson said that he used the move in college and ripped a guys hamstring, so he figured it would work in MMA. Well, he sure proved that tonight.

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