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UFC 157 results: Neil Magny decisions Jon Manley

Neil Magny picked up a win in his official UFC debut, defeating Jon Manley by unanimous decision in their UFC 157 welterweight bout.

The second UFC fight wasn't as exciting as the first, but Neil Magny picked up his first official win by taking a decision over Jon Manley. The key to the fight was Magny's takedown defense, which stymied Manley's entire gameplan. Instead, Magny was the one getting the takedowns and beating Manley up. The judge has it 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28 for Magny.

Manley looked for a takedown for a while early, but Magny fought him off gamely against the fence. That covered the whole first half of the round. Finally Magny reversed it with two minutes to go and got some separation with a few punches. Magny landed a few single shots of the rest of the round, but there wasn't a lot of excitement.

Manley finally got a takedown early in round two, and he moved to side control, but Magny hit a great sweep. Manley didn't spend long there though, and he went back to trying to drag Magny down against the cage. It was Magny who ended up with the takedown, and worked from side. Just like before, Manley got up and went back to trying what he was trying before. But Magny controlled the rest of the round with knees and punches.

Manley decided not to look for the takedown early in the third, but got beat up a bit standing. Magny took his own takedown instead. Manley looked for an armbar from the bottom but Magny defended well. Magny briefly had mount after landing some solid punches but Manley got up and went back to his usual grinding against the cage. The ref separated them with 25 seconds left and Magny got a late takedown to ice it.

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