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UFC 157: Rousey vs Carmouche - Live results and play-by-play for main card

Live results and thoughts for the main card of UFC 157 on pay-per-view. The main event sees Ronda Rousey defending her bantamweight title against Liz Carmouche in the first ever UFC women's bout.

UFC history takes place when Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche become the first women to ever fight in the Octagon tonight at UFC 157. The show kicks off with a couple of fights streaming live on Facebook (6:45 p.m. ET), continuing to the FX broadcast (8 p.m. ET) through the five fight main card on pay-per-view (10 p.m. ET). And we'll have live results and thoughts right here on Bloody Elbow all night long.

The evenings main event is Rousey vs. Carmouche for the UFC women's bantamweight championship. Co-main eventing the show is a bout between former light heavyweight champions Dan Henderson and Lyoto Machida. Another former champion is in action as former WEC champion Urijah Faber could be fighting for his career against Ivan Menjivar.

Rounding out the card is a pair of welterweight bouts as Court McGee takes on Josh Neer and Josh Koscheck fights Robbie Lawler.

So make sure to come back and share your thoughts in the comments as the event goes down.

Josh Koscheck vs. Robbie Lawler - Round 1 -Koscheck throws a kick, Lawler with a big punch. Koscheck fakes a takedown and Lawler bit. Now Koscheck actually shoots and does get the takedown. Lawler gets space and stands up but Koscheck still has a headlock. Koscheck takes him back down. Lawler back up. More grappling without getting much done and suddenly Lawler lands a few big shots to a turtled up Koscheck and Herb Dean jumps in to stop the fight. Wow. Koscheck may have been stopped a bit early, but not horrible. Robbie Lawler wins by TKO (ref stoppage/punches), round 1.

Court McGee vs. Josh Neer - Round 1 -Neer landing some decent shots but McGee staying outside and trying to use his reach. McGee lands a hard shot but Neer answers with a leg kick. McGee really mixing up his attack, going upstairs then to the legs then to the body. Neer badly hurt with a body shot. McGee flurries and lands more body shots and Neer drops. For some reason McGee gives up on body shots and Neer survives because McGee only will punch him in the head now. 10-8 McGee.

Round 2 - Leg kick by McGee and a body kick. McGee really isn't attacking the body for some reason, instead working punches to the head. Neer fires back a hard uppercut but McGee lands a hard combination of punches to Neer's head. Neer throws a few punches back. Now Neer lands an uppercut and right hand. Neer landing some hard shots now.McGee coming back, Neer still punching away. 10-9 Neer

Round 3 -Neer coming out harder here. McGee pushes him into the cage and was looking for the takedown. McGee manages to get the takedown now. McGee takes the back as Neer rolls but Neer stands up using the cage. McGee looking to take it back down. McGee gets him back down and he's working pretty hard from the top, doing enough to win the round and fight. 10-9 McGee makes it 29-27 on my card.

Official scorecards: 30-27 across the board. Court McGee wins by unanimous decision.

Urijah Faber vs. Ivan Menjivar - Round 1 -They clinch up and Menjivar with a big hip toss to get Faber down. Faber quickly reverses and he's on top in side control. Menjivar manages to get full guard back, but Faber starts dropping some very hard elbows. Faber really bringing some hard elbows here but he does get upkicked as he stands over Ivan. Menjivar stands up, Faber kind of jumps up onto his arms, then moves to the back and locks in a standing rear naked choke and that's it.Urijah Faber wins by submission (rear naked choke), round 1.

Dan Henderson vs. Lyoto Machida - Round 1 - Machida throwing some kicks at Henderson's body, Henderson not doing a whole lot yet. Every time Henderson tries to come inside, Machida circles away without ever being close to getting caught. Machida lands a right hand as Henderson tries to get in. Henderson misses a wild right. Two right hands land for Henderson. Machida with a takedown at the end of the round and he lands an elbow and punch as the horn sounds. 10-9 Machida.

Round 2 - Machida with a kick to the body as Henderson tries to get in and land a left hand. Machida with a front kick to the face and Henderson is unable to answer. Henderson with a leg kick and Machida knees him to the body. Machida lands again when Henderson comes in. Machida knees him again when he comes inside but Henderson did land a left. 10-9 Machida, I guess.

Round 3 -Henderson did get a takedown this round and that was really the biggest thing to happen in round three, even if he didn't do much with it. Machida landed a front kick to the face and a high kick also. I don't know. This fight kinda stunk.

Official scorecards: 29-28 Henderson, 29-28 Machida, 29-28 Machida. Lyoto Machida wins by split decision.

Ronda Rousey vs. Liz Carmouche - Round 1 -Rousey comes out and they're trading and Rousey clinches up and has the head. Uppercut by Rousey and she gets the takedown. Carmouche takes her back now in the scramble. Carmouche working a face crank. Rousey manages to shake her off. Rousey on top on the ground now, landing some punches. Rousey now going for the armbar with about 50 seconds left. Carmouche battling. Rousey finally finishes off the armbar. Ronda Rousey wins by submission (armbar), round 1.