The Bloody Elbow Dictionary

So, after a discussion with TACO COW team captain gxc, we decided that there needs to be a source online for all things related to BE. A glossary type place where people could go when they are confused about our terminologies, memes and other inside jokes.

I do declare that this fanpost right here should be the home of all things. These are the types of things we need to have defined in the archives:


Lets Mutherfukers

The Power Of Michael McDonald

The Wisdo

BROCKLESNAR!!!!! get the point. I need all historians, old timers, BE veterans and people with a need to make the world simultaneously laugh a lot and learn to please step up to the plate here. Don't get caught with your hands down all cocky and shit like King Mo did and get KO'd by a guy who listens to fucking Hatebreed. HATEBREED!!!!

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