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UFC 157 fight card: Rousey vs. Carmouche Facebook Preliminary Card Preview

A look at this weekend's UFC 177 match ups where Ronda Rousey will defend her bantamweight title against Liz Carmouche in the first ever women's UFC fight. Lets look at the Facebook fights that will kick the night off.

Women's MMA will reach a massive milestone next week at UFC 157, as Ronda Rousey defends her Strikeforce-turned-UFC bantamweight title against Liz Carmouche in the main event of the evening. The co-main event sees Dan Henderson against Lyoto Machida in a key light-heavyweight showdown.

But before that the card kicks off on the live Facebook stream starting at 6:35PM ET with the main card starting up 10PM ET on Pay-Per-View.

Kenny Robertson (11-2) vs Brock Jardine (9-2) [Welterweight]

Who are these guys?

Robertson is in the midst on his second run with the UFC. Roberston was first brought in after a win in Bellator to face Mike Pierce but was released after losing. He was brought back after a win outside the UFC and lost to Aaron Simpson back in July. Robertson is 29-years-old and fights out East Peoria, Illinois.

Brock Jardine fights out of the Pit Elevated in Utah and is 27-years-old. Jardin was the #6 Welterweight on the 2012 Bloody Elbow Prospect Watch and is coming off a loss in his UFC debut to Rick Story.

What skills do they have?

Jardine's background is primarily in wrestling, he was a stand out in high school but struggled in Division I. His wrestling has crossed over to the cage rather well and to that he is adding new skills. He has natural power and his offensive striking is making strides. So, if he does catch a fighter clean, the match is most likely over. That power is also present on the ground, as he has heavy ground-and-pound. Unlike most wrestle-boxers, Jardine is also adding a pretty decent submission grappling game, where he will take position and look for submissions.

Robertson is also a fairly well rounded fighter who relies primarily on wrestling. His striking isn't pretty but it is weirdly effective. Robertson has good takedowns that are set up very well by his striking and once on the ground Robertson will work to pass guard and then set up submissions. Robertson has a dangerous top position submission game.

How do they match up?

Both Jardine and Robertson thrive when on top and the winner will most likely be the fighter who imposes his game. On the feet Jardine is likely a bit more technical and has the power advantage. If Jardine gets Robertson down on his back it will be a huge advantage. If Robertson is able to get Jardine down, he has struggled to keep good scramblers down and Jardine would likely be able to escape to the feet.

Fight Prediction: Brock Jardine by Decision

Jon Manley (7-1) vs Neil Magny (7-1) [Welterweight]

Who are these guys?

Both Manley and Magny were contestants on The Ultimate Fighter 16 with Manley on Team Nelson and Magny on Team Carwin. Some might remember Manley who was bitten by James Chaney while applying a guillotine choke. Both Manley and Magny lost in the semi-finals. Now both fighters are set to make their official UFC debuts. Manley is out of UFC Heavyweight veteran Gabriel Gonzaga's Team Link and Magny trains with former UFC fighter and WEC Champion Miguel Torres.

What skills do they have?

Along with having similar last names, both training under fairly big named fighters. Sporting identical records both fighters have a fairly similar skill set on paper, but how they apply those skills are different. Manley looks to clinch, driving his opponents into the cage and then dragging them to the ground. Once on top Manley is a controlling grappler, but doesn't have much in the way ground. Manley will take the back if the chance is there and then finish with a choke.

Magny is a bit more comfortable on the feet and able to throw punches and low kicks. But Magny's best skills are on the ground where he is a more aggressive, but less controlling then Manley. He does have better ability to strike on the ground and flows very well to dominant position.

How do they match up?

This could end up being a very slow match. Magny is going to try to strike while on the feet, but in the end these two will end up grappling. Manley drives into the clinch, using the cage to trap his opponent, and then dragging them to the ground. Magny is no stranger in the clinch but tends to rely more on strength. On the ground Magny has a submission game, but if Manley is on top the fight is in his wheel house.

Fight Prediction: Jon Manley by Decision

Yuri Villefort (6-1) vs Nah-Shon Burrell (8-2) [Welterweight]

Who are these guys?

Both are young prospects coming over from Strikeforce and are making their UFC debuts. Burrell is 23-years-old, fighting out of Philadelphia, and was 3-1 with Strikeforce. Villefort was a 2010 Bloody Elbow Scouting Report Top Prospect, then just 19-years-old and training out of American Top Team. Villerfort signed his Strikeforce deal, but an injury sidelined him and then the death throws of Strikeforce prevented him from getting in the cage. As a result Villefort lost all of 2011 and only fought once in 2012. Both fighters are coming off losses in Strikeforce matches.

What skills do they have?

Burrell is mostly an offensive striker, leading mostly with his hands and throwing some kicks, mainly to the legs. Burrell jabs well, using his reach and will mix in a healthy amount of lead hooks. He uses his length very well and has a variety of punches he is comfortable throwing. His punches are very crisp and have good power.

Villefort, while he doesn't have the credentials we look for in any of the competent skills of MMA, he has an extremely well rounded and advanced skill set. His kicks are vicious, and he throws crisp and straight punches. His jiu jitsu is still developing but he has a knack for winning scrambles. When on top, he rains down powerful ground and pound.

How do they match up?

The match up seems to heavily favor Villefort. For all of Burrell's strengths in offense, he lacks badly in defense. He is very hittable at range, and his grappling is very much lacking. Burrell struggles in the clinch and has been badly hurt by knees from the Thai clinch. On the ground he is less than technical at times. Villefort should be able to land on the fight and could very well hurt Burrell on the feet. If this fight hits the ground Burrell will need to escape to the feet because VIllefort's ground striking could also end this fight. The biggest things going against Villefort is the fact he has only fought once in the last year and the fact that he left ATT for the Blackzilians, which might not be the best environment for a young fighter.

Fight Prediction: Yuri Villefort by TKO, Round 2.

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