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Lloyd Irvin responds to BETA Academy letter detailing reasons for split

Lloyd Irvin has responded to claims made by the owner of BETA Academy on why the academy ended their association with Irvin's "MMA Cartel."

After we published a letter from BETA Academy owner Nakapan Phungephorn last night where Nakapan detailed his reasons for terminating their relationship with Team Lloyd Irvin -- a relationship wherein BETA was one of Irvin's top affiliates -- Lloyd has released a new video response to what he calls a "smear campaign."

In this video, Lloyd shows old footage of Nakapan speaking at Irvin mastermind events as well as video that appears as though it was shot for Irvin promotional materials, but not much context is given on the footage. I think the only fair way to digest the information from both the video and the letter is to watch the video and read the letter (or vice versa) back to back.

Irvin also responded on Facebook to Nakapan's claims that he brought a gun to their business meeting:

This guy was the person that did the home invasion at my house, he already got sentenced to over 100 years in prison last year and is now back up for murder charges and more, and he is the sole reason that I carry a gun every single day now. His new trial just started today but he will never get out of prison ever!

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